Question 95

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24 Responses to “Question 95”

  1. I could definitely be nicer to my sister. I don’t know why, but when I think of all the people on this planet that I don’t like, why should my sister be one of them? That’s ridiculous. Looking back, I cannot think of any good reasons this is; I need to change.


  2. Tay:

    I could actually verbalize my feelings and see where it leads. Because right now I am stuck at a crossroads and I can’t decide which route to take.

  3. Laura:

    Tell him how I feel.

  4. Anne:

    “Thank you.”

  5. Romer Jed:

    Well I need to change myself into a better person. A person who can stand by himself and learn to smile honestly on the outside and mean it on the inside.

    Aside from that I could tell my best friend how I feel about her, but thats only if I could change first.

  6. Carrie:

    Just get in the car… drive the 600 miles… do the crazy thing… i love you- and you need to know that.

  7. Smile 🙂

  8. Fran:

    be more generous

  9. ashley:

    see a thearapist

  10. melinda:

    make my sister realize how much happiness she could have right now.

  11. Rachael:

    Just love him with all I have.

  12. Jenny:

    Just keep on truckin

  13. Krisy:

    Forgive all the ones who have hurt me. I have seen so much pain in the person I though I hated, but when he apoligized to me, I realized I cared too much about him to hate. I’m so sorry, you can make it through and I’m always here if you need someone.

  14. raja:

    i will call my wife with whom i had a quarrel

  15. S:

    Try not to create undue stress on myself and my fiance. Have faith in ourselves that it will all work out in the end, and realize he really loves me.

  16. Simple; turn off the infernal switch that is the cause of all my problems.

    It will be incredibly difficult, I know.
    Yet it needs to be done.

  17. Rachel:

    Stop making wishes.

  18. April:

    Be a better friend?
    Maintain faith, even when it’s hard.
    Do things for other people.

  19. Becca:

    give my mom a hug

  20. Namunyak:

    Stop over-analyzing and letting fear own me. Let good things happen.

  21. Evan:

    Be a stronger person and not let others define me. Figure out who’s real and who’s fake, as simple as it sounds, it’s something that I struggle with every day.

  22. Ris:

    To get through the next 6 months without worrying my sisters, but keeping our family together at the same time.

  23. Gracie-Lou:

    make a choice.
    and know its right, and that i’ll not regret it or ever look back.
    not in a day.
    not in a month.
    not in a year.
    not ever…

  24. Nick:

    Sacrifice for Holy Week.

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