Question 1361

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  1. hart:

    sing for a person and God, and first to break anger as being smile when I and some people in trouble

  2. mohamed essa:

    surprise gift

  3. Mimi:


  4. TheGirlWhoLived:

    Making them smile.

  5. KM:

    I like to trip sit. Whenever my friends are tripping its awesome to hang out with them and take care of them. I love my friends so much. 🙂

  6. Gidian:

    Making drinks for others.

  7. Anything I can do to help

  8. Marmota:

    Hug them

  9. Griff:

    Giving oral without acting like its a chore

  10. Emmanuel:

    I like being there for people.

  11. Cristian:

    Pray with them


    to give company to alone person!!

  13. Anon:

    To give company and talk to a lone person. To offer help when everyone was reluctant or doesn’t care. I want to this person feel that there is people who care for them , and feel their pain. They are not alone.

  14. Unbelievaburgers:

    I love making women so incredibly dry

  15. ty vogt:

    something i like doing for other people is mowing their grass raking leaves shovling snow a lot of stuff like that things i like doing for my mom are doing the dishes washing the windows cleaning my room helping cook and taking out the trash and feeding my two dogs

  16. Brigitte:

    I enjoy spending my husband’s money for him buying things for myself! ↖(^▽^)↗

  17. I have a listening song for others. and a company for a happy person.

  18. chris:

    love doing music with my brother

  19. help somebody

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