Question 1363

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  1. Geoff:

    Narcissistic personality

  2. Intimus:

    No hope for humanity. Or worse, no empathy.

  3. Eljay:


  4. Dex:

    I’d have to say Laziness would be the worst for me, although all of the other comments are great responses to this question.

  5. BubblesQ:

    Being A Liar *

  6. HR Reddy:


  7. Khaay:

    Ruthlessness. Evil. Just like those ISIS extremists.

  8. Being fake

  9. Anne:

    A bad temper. It shows a total lack of self control and a complete disregard for others.

  10. Roxanyeli:

    Being a liar.

  11. vazquez:

    someone who doesn’t respect others

  12. Goldfeder:

    Not caring how your actions will affect the lives of other people.

  13. onemore:

    Being narrow-minded

  14. Unbelievaburgers:

    Incessantly asking questions

  15. joy:


    Check out this new site! Talk about things that matter.

  16. Thu Anh:

    be happy on other’s pain

  17. Stef:

    Visual Memory

  18. Unbelievaburgers:

    Excessively hairy in places where even any amount of hair would be too hairy.

  19. Vanner:

    The worst quality is TakeTakeTake-Clinginess.
    It’s a disease wherein that person will absolutely wreck you of your everything and take away all that you have, and yet desperately cling to you not understanding why you want to leave after they have treated you like absolute shit.

  20. Antz:

    Tsk. Must I choose only one? If I must, I’d say the top of the list is being ungrateful.

  21. FourShelties53:

    Not be willing to forgive and move forward.

  22. CJG:

    The three banes of humanity; Avarice,Envy,and Vanity

  23. CJG:

    Uncompassionate, to those who enjoy in others suffering.

  24. Anna:

    The desire the lie in order to build oneself up to others or in attempts to make the situation more interesting.

  25. Brandon:

    commiting the act of selling your love in public when other people are around to see you do that stuff

  26. avia:

    To be nice

  27. Seventyplus:


  28. Shivam kedia:

    give up on life easily

  29. LBGC15:

    Racism towards Africans in DC.

  30. vincent:

    trying to kill yourself 24 7

  31. Ash:

    Being indifferent

  32. not being trustworthy

  33. āΠōΠ¥mōū§° {∆}:

    Rather than focusing upon a person’s bad qualities, we should focus hmore so on the good qualities they do possess, Judging others is also known to be a bad quality, but yet here we are talking about how terrible people can be, but everybody has both good and bad quality’s in the end though only you truly know you, your opinion of yourself is the most important of opinions, and that’s just my opinion.

  34. Dianna Yates:

    I believe selfishness is the number one worst quality one can have. If a person were not selfish, they would not steal, hurt others, covet, harbour anger and resentment…

  35. Dianna Yates:

    I believe selfishness is the number one worst quality one can have. If a person were not selfish, they would not steal, hurt others, covet, harbour anger and resentment, lie, or much of anything negative toward another

  36. Danielle King:

    Cruelty to animals. Anyone that is cruel to animals is probably faking any traits that appear to be good. It shows all your other traits of selfish ruthless cruel evil domineering it’s all wrapped up in that one Behavior.

  37. secret:

    their mind being read.

    based on a true story

  38. varun:


  39. John:

    giving a hopelessness

  40. fin.:

    Being a liar. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, so if I find out they lied to me I get really distrustful. No matter how hard I try, if you lied to me, I will never be able to get rid of that voice in the back of my head that questions everyhing you say.

  41. Janeberlin:

    Quick to judge other people (judgmental) and selfrighteousness

  42. Mimi:


  43. Heide:

    Arrogance. Because if you are so sure of everything, that you never question your position, you hurt a lot of people because of your surety.

  44. priyadarshin:


  45. Megan:

    Being passive aggressive!

  46. Reb:

    Lack of empathy. If you can’t put yourself in another person’s place to see where their point of view is coming from, how can you fully communicate?

  47. Madi:


  48. dolores srledge:

    always negative–everything has a down side. hard to stay upbeat, smiling and positive around these people.

  49. Clayton:

    The single worst quality a person can have is lack of care or love. These two things (or one thing) is what gives life and all of life’s meaning purpose. The only reason a person does anything in life to achieve a goal that they care or love. There is not a single thing in this world that you can do well without caring for something or someone. People who go through life not caring never succeed, because they never invest enough effort into something to make it matter to them. They will never try at anything, and it doesn’t seem to affect them at all when they fail. People who have love or care, however, invest lots of effort into something to achieve a goal. For example, if someone tries really hard to become strong, fast, and agile they must care about the feeling it gives them when they are doing well, or they care about how it makes them look. This is why a lack of love is the single worst quality a person can have.

  50. Gwyn:

    Lack of empathy or respect for others. When people lack empathy or respect for others, they have little or no incentive or motivation to behave ethically. Notice that I didn’t say “obey the law”, because there are circumstances in which empathy might actually make it important to disobey the law (such as in the case of civil disobedience when protesting an unjust law). Something can be unethical without necessarily being illegal, or (to a lesser degree) be illegal without necessarily being unethical. However, when people lack empathy, they are motivated to act in an extremely selfish way with little or no concern for the impact their behavior might have on anyone else. Even the most primitive animals use cost vs. benefit as a guide for their behavior…we’re supposed to be more evolved than that.

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