Question 97

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23 Responses to “Question 97”

  1. Kimmie:

    Helping others. Something like the Peace Corps.

  2. Not me (being a guy) but a prostitute would be a millionaire.


  3. Romer Jed:

    Then I’d still be poor, because I wouldn’t charge anything for kind acts or choices. I choose to try and make others happy because it makes me happy and just living the life I have would make me rich in spirit, but never in world possessions.

  4. valerie:

    spreading beauty by planting flowers, bushes, trees …

  5. Jonathan:

    Making people whole, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
    In doing so I hope to lessen the acts that break people, increasing their understanding of human nature. Ultimately making the world a better place.

  6. Spending & giving away the amount I already have more generously 🙂

  7. Candice:


  8. Z:

    Compassion. Kindness. Love.

  9. melinda:

    because it makes me feel many many many different feelings, but when i am happy with a piece of work, I. am. happy!

  10. freestylewalker:


  11. freestylewalker:

    (or reading, or being with friends)

  12. Jenny:

    Love Love Love


    bring other people to a smile so that they could be rich too 🙂

  14. Anonymous:

    The job I currently have of helping others to better enjoy their vacations while explaining the world around us.

  15. Danielle:

    Music. Art, and drawing. Living in a country that allows self expression is a great thing, we take it for granted every day. I live for the ability to speak my mind, and think my thoughts. I don’t have to be afraid to say what I want, and that is wealth

  16. April:

    Service. I love helping people. It makes me so happy. I especially love brightening the day of those that I love, such a meaningful thing to me.

  17. I think something different every day. I don’t think anyone can be happy doing the same thing over and over, day after day, for the rest of their working lives. It gets repetitive, no matter how much you love it.
    I’d spend time with friends, I’d horse-back ride, I’d travel, I’d just relax. I’d write, I’d take pictures. I’d walk. I’d sleep. I’d live my life the way I feel like living it in that moment, because that’s what would make me happy.

  18. Phenethylamine:

    My music, because The only goal I have with it is to help others, and then we could all be wealthy.

  19. sab:

    writing and working with kids.

  20. Janie:

    Honestly? Snowboarding. Laying in the sun. Listening to kids laughing while playing outside at church. I love these things with my whole heart.

  21. Macey:

    laughing and making other people laugh.

  22. Kelli:

    Being a teacher; which is what I plan to do.

  23. Nick:

    Making others smile.

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