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  1. Don’t you think open questions are better than closed (yes/no) questions ?

    I would therefore rephrase this question as : “What makes you happy about yourself ?”

  2. Totally absolutely 🙂

  3. Romer Jed:

    I’m happy about myself in the physical sense, that took me years to get over. And I like being that chubby asian kid.

    But I’m not happy with myself in the mental sense. I have this whole thing going on with my sense of worth and its not really enjoyable.

  4. No.

  5. Megan:

    Yeah, I’m happy with myself.
    I could always be skinnier. I could always be tanner and I could always be shorter, but I’m not going to change me.

  6. Michaela:

    No way. Not in any way shape or form. I’ve asked myself this too many times to even be able to lie to anyone. Good thing I”m apparently a good liar. Because I can keep that from everyone.

  7. Anonymous:

    I hate my lack of motivation and confusion over how I feel about certain people

  8. freestylewalker:


  9. Laura:

    I like who I am, however I wish I could rid myself of my shyness.

  10. Lua:

    Yes . .


    No, I don’t understand myself, and I don’t know how to change that.

  12. NO.

  13. Kristi:

    I’m getting there. Been taking some big steps the past few years to make myself realize just how amazing I am.


  14. Jenny:


  15. Maddy:

    No. And I can’t see how I ever could be.

  16. Flower:

    I believe everyone should be happy with themselves. I don’t like everything about me, I don’t like a lot of my looks or the way I’ve treated people in the past.. but there are little things I think we all like about ourselves. I love my legs, it’s not conceded, I just think they’re pretty. I like my name & I like who I’m becoming.

  17. JennyLynn:

    I absolutely hate myself for everything that I’ve ever done, and I make sure I’m aware of it everyday. It’s torture, I know. But I’m changing, and I’m slowly getting better.

  18. K.:

    Yeah. I don’t love a lot of things about me but then again I don’t hate a lot of things about me. I could change this but I don’t wanna. If we change who we are then who are we gonna be?It’s like living a different life, a different person. Don’t change ,be happy with yourself.Be happy that you lived another day. Be happy that nobody can be like you because your amazing!Even through the tough times just be happy that you get to live.Even when you want to change…don’t.If you change than nobody won’t like you and if somebody doesn’t like you…then they are missing out on an AMAZING person.
    Believe in yourself!Love yourself because when nobody doesn’t YOU will always be there 🙂

  19. Maya:

    I’m getting there

  20. alexa:

    i agree with the person above me that said life is too short, but it’s just really hard to get past some of the mistakes i make…

  21. Lucy:

    NoWMO. I feel endlessly guilty for mistakes I make, and wonder if he would like me better if I was more like my best friend

  22. Karlee.:

    No. I constantly feel like throwing myself off a cliff. I’m a horrible person and i can’t figure out how to fix it. I hate my body although people tell me its nice all the time, i hate my personality even though plenty of people love it, and most of all i hate my past.

  23. Luke:

    NO. plain and simple… no

  24. Jo:

    Heck no… but my hatred for myself leads me to want the best for everyone else, and not myself. So in some ways… I’m grateful for this.

  25. gabs:

    No. No, no, no. I’m too twisted and unstable. But like Jo, it makes me strive to be a little better all the time.

  26. Rachel:

    Haha, no. Really, no. Maybe I’m not meant to be; i don’t hate myself though.

  27. April:

    Yes. I have many things I could improve, but I think I am a good person with a beautiful heart.

  28. danny:

    no, i despise myself

  29. Omar:


  30. Kelly:

    no… and I never will be the aching and nagging feeling of never being good enough will eat away until all i can rely on is encouragement from those i have come to love and trust.. the only way i can be happy with myself is if everyone else is happy with me. the only time i have ever been happy with myself is with im with him…. i can look in the mirror and not want to erase the girl on the other side.

  31. the one:

    you will always have thoese especially me but God made you…you must feel his love….

  32. Z:

    no, but I am hoping that eventually the list of things I want to change about myself will be shorter than the list of things I like about myself.

  33. Macey:

    as said as it is… no. but i’m trying to.

  34. Nick:

    A little. I still want to get lean.

  35. Tara:


  36. Julie Takase:

    Yes– but only because I found my flaws and keep working at fixing them. I’m a work in progress, but that is life.

  37. Stephanie:

    No. I should be, and I like what I see generally, but I’m really not happy with myself.

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