Question 105

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21 Responses to “Question 105”

  1. lonely:

    giving your life for something

  2. Anonymous:

    Well, if you love something I think it means you would die for it though it can be more complex than that like if they also love you

  3. moca:

    I think of my soon to be husband, I have never loved anything more

  4. Tay:

    I think of my Marine…who has no idea that I feel this way.

  5. Romer Jed:

    My best friend who really knows who I am, but I’m too afraid to tell her.

  6. Lua:

    I think of all Beautiful things in my life . .

  7. Reggi:

    So many things. I think family, mostly. Firstly lindz, my boyfriend, then immediate family and their other halfs. My beautiful nieces Ava and gracey. And then theres my kitkat, Inq. He seems to know when I need cheering up (: x

  8. Cricket:

    My parents because, they’ve shown me what true love is. =)

  9. Jenny:

    The first couple of seconds that came after reading this, nothing at all came to mind. When those few seconds ended my brains shouted the word “Everything.”

  10. Maddy:

    The way my 4 year old cousin looks at my grandma, when she looks after him, even though she’s still sick.

  11. A baby not born yet will born.
    He/she will have me as a lifetime best friend, I will love him/her a lot 🙂

  12. Puppy breath and buttercups. It really invokes something fuzzy inside of me.


    my parents period

  14. alexa:

    my pop. he’s the best dad i could ever ask for.

  15. Justin:

    My family and friends, also this special friend of mine.

    Love is someone or people whom accepts you who you are even your flaws

  16. April:

    I think of his smiling face and that look in his eyes that he only gives to me.

  17. JS:

    My taylor..

  18. Gracie:

    my cat and my sister.

  19. Ris:

    My best friends

  20. Megan:

    I get this image in my head of a tropical place with people laughing and smiling and enjoying themselves. I think it’s a combination of associating Indonesia with love because of the book Eat, Pray, Love even though I never read it, and learning about Bhakti Marga, the Hindu path of devotion, in World Cultures class.

  21. Nick:

    My loved ones.

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