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  1. moca:

    I think it would be called, slow and steady…this is because I learn slowly and I change slowly but all so that these things stick in my life. I’m not sure how it will end but if the tortoise and the hare applies to real life, I think in the end I will win somehow. Not necessarily in a competition sort of way but in the sense that I will have a good life, that is happy, and when I get to the end I will have accomplished a lot and become wiser through all my trials.

  2. freestylewalker:

    I’m not sure what my own story would be called, and I don’t know how it would end,
    but for some reason, people continuously tell me that I will inspire the title autobiographies.
    So I suppose my story will be somewhere in story of everyone whose life I’ve touched.

    (For the record, my mother wants to call hers “Please Don’t Kiss the Cats”, and my boyfriend wants to call his “So I Fell in Love With a Canadian”)


    “The boring memoir of an eternally single, dorky teenager.”

  4. Romer Jed:

    My novel would be called “Jed” because there are no words that could simply sum up my life aside from my own name. What happens to me, in its entirety, can only and will only happen to me; so my name would possibly fit the title right.

    And I don’t know how it would end. This novel is a work in progress and spoiling it wouldn’t be good for the readers, but at the very least… I can tell you, it’s a novel that is just like every other novel, but not like it at all. It’s uniquely genuine, but at parts cliche, and in the very most… I know at the end of the book, I would have enjoyed writing it.

  5. “My Book of Dreams” and I guess that in the end.. I’d die.
    It would be about all the small things that makes me smile on an everyday basis.

  6. Sam:

    I’d probably call it “I Was…Me.” And in the end, I would die while saving someone’s like. It would just be about my life in general, the god, the bad, the happy, the sad; my life.

  7. Reggi:

    Mine would be called ‘the memoirs of a punk/goth middle child’ and I hope it’d end ‘and they lived happily ever after’ x

  8. Title: I lived.
    End: I really lived.

  9. Melinda:

    It would be called “All sorts of things” and the ending would be when I retire.

  10. Laura:

    I guess I would title it “Stronger” because throughout my life so far I’ve only gotten stronger.

    And the rest is still unwritten <3

  11. JennyLynn:

    I’m not really sure about the title, there is too much to put it into a single title. A part of me never sees the end of it all, but i imagine the end to be peaceful and happy after all…

  12. Sarah:

    i would name it “the sickness” and it would end by me dying.

  13. Justin:

    “The disease within me”

    And I hope it ended with me overcoming the “disease within” and being truly happy with life itself

  14. I think my novel’s title would be somewhere along the lines of ” The truth about HER” os something like that.. not sure yet

  15. Jamiera:

    Confused and lost.
    The story would end in my mind, when I finally come to terms with my life and understand what I actually want with myself.

  16. Rae:

    My title would be, “Everywhere I Go, There I Am.”
    It would end with “I don’t know.”

  17. Alex:

    Through Her Eyes, and it would end with me trying every possible tactic to get away from my dad, and ultimately dying in the process, sad:(

  18. Meghan:

    My title would be “Keep Watching” and end with my toes in the sand along an Australian beach with my best friend.

  19. Becca:

    it would probably be called
    “Living in the Rain, but Not Like a Hobo”
    and it would end
    “and then tomorrow came.”

  20. April:

    A Ride to Remember

    “…and they eternally lived happily ever after…”

  21. Becca:

    More Real on Stage

    and idont know how it ends, i cant even give an ending word because i dont know where i am going and whether it will be good or bad and if there was a book of my life i would want it to be the plain truth.

  22. Phenethylamine:

    “Excitement and Indecision” would be an apt title, as of now, and I have no idea how it would end; Only that it would be one quite eventful…

  23. Inka:

    Coer Fait de Souvenirs ”Heart made out of memories”

    ending? I died.

  24. sab:

    I think it would be called. “I Was Here, Hello if I Never Seen You” The ending would be one I don’t know yet.

  25. Anon...:

    Probably ‘go,optimistic girl, go!’ For no apparent reason.
    It will end unlike others as a success story and what I learnt in my life while doing what I love.

  26. Ris:

    “Looking Up When It Rained”, a spin on two of my favorite Paramore songs. The ending? My sisters and I picking up our bags from the airport in Sydney driving to our apartment, calling my other sister to hear she just made it to her apartment in NYC.

  27. Sabrina:

    ” The Girl Who Was Surrounded By ”

    I would preferably end in Heaven.

  28. F:

    Title: Ugly and Beauty are the same.
    Last sentence: “I cried and I suffered and I smiled and I laughed and I lived.”

  29. Nick:

    I’m not a good writer, but anyways.

    “With All My Guts”
    Ending? I would probably saved my loved ones from a hostage-taker and lived.

  30. Minnie:

    Firstly Becca- LOL! “Living in the rain, but not like a hobo”

    Second mine would be “Weird, extraordinary me”

    And end with me living life exactly how I plan every day i think of it hopefully 🙂

    I hope it’s a good one !

  31. Alex:

    It would be called “Little Surprises” and the ending would be something no one expected in a million years.

  32. Julie Takase:

    Little did I know… (because no matter our age, we always believe we know more than we do until something knocks us down)

    I’d end it with the best memory I have. A table surrounded with friends laughing.

  33. Joleen:

    Just hold on to your dreams. And the end: How I got what I wanted (I hope so!)…

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