Question 109

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  1. When I’m playing the piano.

  2. sheri:

    I feel most like myself when I get into my PJ’s and make my way to my sofa. My dog finds that little spot, in the curve of my knee when I lay on my side, and curls up close. My girls come in and out of the room with questions and stories, sometimes leading to conversations that I know/hope they will keep with them all their lives. I feel like the world brings what needs my attention right to me. These are the priceless moments that I live for.

  3. Savvy:

    honestly? i don’t know. i don’t know who i am.
    but if i had to say. in his arms.

  4. tamana:

    I am not sure….I think when I am most relaxed and reading a nice book.

  5. i feel most like myself when i’m laughing. because all i can think about is how happy i am and all of my petty worries fade for just a little bit. i think that’s how i’m always supposed to be.

  6. Candice:

    outside… looking at the sky, clouds, trees, surroundings… just listening (sigh)

  7. danceportal:

    when I’m dancing.

  8. Anonymous:

    When I am goofing off with my friends

  9. Kelson:

    I feel most like myself when I’m alone. It’s the only time I can relax and let my guard down.

  10. Romer Jed:

    When I’m singing, even though I am not an amazing singer…
    When I’m hanging out with my best friend, even though I have not heard from her in a while…
    When I’m writing a new story or poem, even though I am not a stimulating writer…

    But most importantly, I feel like myself when I can find time in the day to sit around watching the sky and clouds pass by and just being happy with where I am.

  11. Alone…?
    Actually I don’t know myself that well yet to define when’s more me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Laura:

    When I smile and laugh (:

  13. JennyLynn:

    I don’t know because I don’t know who I am.

  14. Melinda:

    At the beach. On vacation with my family.

  15. Abbie:

    When I am at a church camp or surrounded by my church family.

  16. Kaitlyn:

    I am a version of myself every single second, but idk when i am the MOST myself.
    I wish i knew.


    When I’m dancing, or playing, or laughing so hard I can’t even breathe.

  18. K.:

    I’m myself when I’m laughing and around my friends.I don’t worry about anything when I’m happy, I wish I can be happy every second of every day because its fun.No worries, feels good.Happy is an amazing word ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Sam:

    The same as Cassie. Or when I’m laying on the beach thinking about life in general.

  20. Erin:

    when i’m laughing with you ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Bipolar:

    When I’m happy, but I mean really happy and when I’m sad and trying to find a soluton to get out of a problem are the moments that I truely feel and act like myself.

  22. Zsรณfi:

    When I jump up&down, smile, laugh and behave like a 5 years old in general.
    When I’m writing letters to my friends.
    While I’m driving and singing.
    When I’m wandering alone on the streets.

  23. Ennas:

    When I’m smiling at random strangers, having fun with friends, goofing around or do something good for someone. Making other people happy makes me happy.

  24. Kacie:

    When I’m drawing or writing my poetry.

  25. gabs:

    When I’m alone with no one watching me, whatever it is I may be doing. I can do whatever I want and be myself without people judging me as irritating nor a freak.

  26. Rachel:

    When i do my happy dance ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Jennifer:

    Summer camp

  28. Meghan:

    When I’m talking to my best friend, who I have yet to meet, on window live messenger. I find it easier to spill the guts when I can’t see the facial expressions of the other person, just the constant smile in their default picture.

  29. kay:

    on my own in an empty house, with a piano

  30. April:

    When I’m with him, just spending time talking and being happy together.

  31. Taj:

    The moment when we circled each other, fighting with swords, looking into his eyes, laughing from exhiliration.
    The times I’m dressed in historical costume, with a blade belted at my waste.
    The moments at the top of a mountain, laughing into the air because I made it.

  32. Namunyak:

    Well who am I? But I guess I feel the most like me when I’m drunk with my best friend trying to figure it out!

  33. Gem:

    in my mind and when im alone and can sign to my hearts content bravely, and play guitar even though i’m not that good yet, and think philosophical thoughts that i’m too afraid to say to people of my generation or anyone because they might not feel quite as deeply as me

  34. Inka:

    I’m always myself

  35. sodapop:

    when i’m drawing…because when i’m drawing, that’s allll me. *sighh*

  36. Brittany:

    I feel the most like myself when I am at peace. Any activity I find that lets me feel completely safe and still. Photography, sitting on a rock at the Grand Canyon, hiking, hugging or kissing or just being with him, spending time with my family, dancing to a new song, trying something new. All of these things make me feel like me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Ris:

    I’m most like myself when I’m somewhere with any of my sisters.

  38. Sabrina:

    When I’m with someone who knows me well and that we share lots of things in common.

  39. Sarah:

    In the car when the radio is blasting and I’m singing my heart out to 80’s music.

  40. Jomz:

    In the shower because there are many things coming into my mind while I’m on it.
    While listening to music.
    And one-on-one conversation with someone close to me.

  41. Lauren:

    When I’m with my family.

  42. Nick:

    When I’m alone or on the web. I can just pour my heart out.

  43. Kristen Deneuve:

    Doing stupid things. Eating nutella with pickles with my best friend, dancing on tables, climbing on trees even though I’m afraid of heights. These are the times I feel alive and like someone.

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