Question 120

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  1. gabs:

    Other people’s friendship. I learned that the hard way.

  2. Charles:

    Money cannot buy who you are or who truly loves you. Contrary to popular belief, money can buy or pay for the material things in life that make you happy or give you enjoyment.

  3. K.:

    Money can’t buy true love ,happiness ,friendship ,memories and life .

  4. Laura:

    Smiles, laughter, friendship, love.

    Pretty much all the good things..

  5. Cassi:

    Hope, love, happiness, friends. Dreams. Life. Truth. Lessons. Anything that’s not material.

  6. Marguerite:


  7. m:

    Money can buy temporary enjoyment, but not long-term joy and happiness. Money can buy temporary companionship, but not life-long friendship. Money can buy short term gain, but not long term growth, at least not the kind that counts for much. Money can open the doors to the now, but it cannot purchase a ticket to heaven and eternity.

  8. Erin:

    love and happiness like this

  9. Lua:

    Money :

    Is the only thing which make poor people think if they have it they will become more happier !!

  10. Money cannot buy the feeling I am currently enjoying. Total and utter self enjoyment. Money cannot make you love who you are, it only illuminates how you really feel about yourself and all of your good and bad qualities. For me, money is a means to an end. I enjoy accumulating instead worthwhile friendships, conversations and ideas of ways to change the world I live in. 🙂

  11. Carrie:

    Money can buy your persona, but it can’t buy your personality.
    Money can buy a friend, but it can’t buy the best.
    Money can buy admiration, but it can’t buy love.
    Money can buy a lot of things you think are important, but it can’t buy the things that really are.

    Money gives you the illusion of happiness because of all the things it CAN buy… but it all means nothing without the few things it can’t buy…

  12. Stephen:

    However, money can buy the plane ticket to see places like this that cannot be reached otherwise without money. But enjoy what you can experience.

  13. Zai:

    It can’t buy the moments when that one person makes your heart stop or the butterflies in your stomach flutter whenever they smile.

  14. Tabitha Whitefoot:

    The smiles and hugs from my daughters and grand daughters.

  15. Melinda:

    Love. (to some extent, it CAN buy happiness. or rather, the tools to create it.)

  16. What can money buy probably can figured but the flip side is actually non-countable part 😉

  17. Hana:


  18. Romer Jed:

    Everything worth fighting for.
    Peace, love, happiness, sadness, kindness, joys, hard times, experiences, truth, lies, friendships, family, betrayals, honesty, graduating, hardwork, laziness, contemplations, ideology, beliefs, ignorance, sunrises, sunsets, crying, smiling, giving, sacrificing, stinginess, heart-fulfilling, being loved, loving someone, heartbrokenness, marriage, working stuff out, being a parent, knowing someone, and so much more…
    But anything you gain from just living life is what money cannot buy.

  19. Sarah:

    My boyfriend’s life.

  20. Jason:


  21. Danielle:

    Money cannot buy a happy life. Well, it doesn’t assure it. I am piss poor living with my boyfriend in a small apartment, scraping by but I would not trade the world’s money for hearing his voice say I love you while i’m on the edge of sleep, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. All that matters is happiness, if you are happy, you are rich

  22. Kacie:

    Money can’t buy you the feeling you get when you wake up to a sunrise.

  23. AR:

    True best friends.

  24. Sara:


  25. starzgate:


  26. April:

    Happiness. It can help you have the means to be happy, but so many things matter so much more than money. Genuine love is far more beautiful than all the money in the world.

  27. Rosie:

    The way my dog goes insane with happiness every time I come home.

  28. Ris:

    The bond I have with my sisters

  29. dani:


  30. Sarah:


  31. Nick:

    Trust, friendship, good values and attitude.

  32. ME!!!

    the past, the present or the future

    it can cot buy the soul and it cannot bind me

  33. mewm:

    a person’s life, happiness, love or friendship

  34. Miff:

    My salvation from hell….. but money can buy everything, even love, kisses, smiles, hugs, family and friendship (I know that from what happen to me….)

  35. Julie Takase:


  36. ABrownie:


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