Question 121

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  1. Laura:

    As always smiling, no matter what.

  2. raul:

    he never recovered from losing her.

  3. Sam:

    I would be remembered as the…kid who never had a girlfriend, kid who people judged, kid who everyone liked but that no one “liked”, kid who just wanted to please everyone, kid who couldn’t settle for 2nd place, kid who loved life genuinely.

  4. Cassi:

    The distant and shy girl, the girl who only listened and never spoke a word to anyone, timid. Hateful.

    Always bullied. The girl who preferred reading and writing then socializing.

    A loser.

    A nobody.

  5. Candice:

    I hope… I would be remembered… as one who loved, lost, loved again, laughed, was honest, open, empathetic, tried, failed, tried again… worked hard, lived, shared, and… felt.. every… moment.

  6. gabs:

    That guy who was never really part of any group, made friends with both the popular and the quiet kids, was always laughing or making (science) jokes, loved French, (hopefully) was really helpful to anyone who asked, and who walked away from a major surgery still smiling and in top spirits; however, could not recover from a disagreement with one of his former friends.

  7. Piecies:

    I would be remembered as the quiet one, but for people who knew me well, the whimsy artist and a dreamer.

  8. Aimee:

    I wouldn’t be

  9. As an energetic and sometimes vocal person who loved everyone always!
    –Aimee I would hope that’s not true! You should aim to change that if you you truly believe it. Every person has something beautiful and unique to share with the world and in that way..we’re all the same. You are no different than a celebrity or your next door neighbor. Share yourself with the world…stop being so stingy with the beautiful gift that is you. 😉 btw…i’d love to be your friend if you have room for another

  10. Jo:

    The quiet girl, only really known by her closest of friends.

  11. Marta:

    You know, I don’t know how I would be remembered, but I would be remembered fondly. And that is enough for me.

  12. I cannot say I have the right, nor the knowledge, to answer this.

    If I were to look back on my own life and speak in my memory, I could name a few worthwhile aspects…
    I kept my heart open;
    I was forgiving and kind.
    I reached out whenever possible
    My mind was a brilliant symphony of strange ideas.

    Despite my efforts to bring inspiration, love, peace,
    I was frequently ignored, ostracized, misread,
    until I eventually took a sharp right onto a different road.

    That is where I now stand, the day before my hypothetical death.

    I have saved lives, I have changed hearts, I have created worlds within worlds.
    Even now my letters hope to reach the eyes of one who truly needs them.
    No, even in death I shall never surrender my purpose.

    This is my legacy.

  13. Melinda:

    A good kid with big dreams, dreams that she never got to accomplish.

  14. “be remembered” is other guys’ job, how can I ever know 😉
    i think I will just live my best “today”, try to stike beautifully in my own controlable range 🙂

  15. Hana:

    i would be remembered as a happy, content achiever who didn’t had the chance to reach the top of her career.

  16. Sheri:

    As the girl who always had too many words that she never voiced; the quiet, comprehensive one.

    At least, that’s what I think I would be remembered as.

    As long as I am remembered by those closest to me, it doesn’t matter to me.

  17. As someone who inspired others by her laughter, caring, sharing of stories and endless love of her children and her fellow cancer survivors – her willingness to help others came from a place of loving life.

  18. Romer Jed:

    I wouldn’t know… but I hope someone would at least remember me. That’d be enough.

  19. Tori:

    The girl that was there for everyone no matter how big or small the problem. The girl that would be there to laugh with you, or cry and was not afraid of it. The girl that smiled in the tough times to get her through.

  20. Sarah:

    I think I would remembered as the crazy but bold person. Walks around with bright pink hair, argues too much, isn’t afraid to get in someone’s face for a belief, overly prideful at times yet quiet, made excellent grades in top classes but never liked school that much, and loved, loved classic rock, and loved the idea of dying young. The person who looked up to Achilles and read Wuthering Heights way too much. The strange person who prefered being alone and didn’t have (or want) very many friends, the one people liked yet didn’t know.

  21. Devon:

    I wouldn’t be remembered, not for very long anyway. I never do anything, the very few people that would care would remember me as somebody who does nothing, is nothing. Chances are they probably wouldn’t even know i was gone.

  22. Haley:

    to some, i would have been a best friend. to others a worst enemy:( and to familly, the dork who makes them laugh:D and to someone that really matters to me, hopefully an awesome gf?

  23. z:

    I would be remembered,
    as the most annoying, outspoken, introverted, lovable, optimistic, energetic, adorable girl.
    They would remember how I would always make everyone smile,
    I would listen to their problems, and try to fix their unhappiness.
    They would remember that I would never ask much from them,
    I just wanted to be loved.
    They never knew any of my problems, or my pain.

    They wouldn’t remember me as the person that cried for hours every night.

  24. Rachel:

    As pretty happy. I think
    And i would be remembered for my laugh, and my awkwardness, and my foot in mouth disease, my curiosity, my misguided ideas, my good intentions, my .. something good, hopefully.

  25. Micki:

    “The skateboy in leather jacket ?”

  26. Gracie:

    at school: “who?”
    outside of school I would be remembered as the girl who survived past the expectation of her therapist, parents and friends.

  27. Becca:

    To All- the director/actor/costumer/octopus of the theatre i live in.
    To Some-the one who can fix things, who is eternally patient, who has grown so strong
    To Others-the overstressing controlling one

  28. sinead:

    “The girl who got meningitis.”

  29. April:

    I want to be remembered as a happy person who loved people unconditionally… Someone who left beauty everywhere I went and improved the lives of those I love continually.

  30. Katii:

    The loud lesbian girl with the rainbow colored hair who liked horses.

  31. Ris:

    The sometimes cynical one who calls her best friends her sisters, has an obsession with otters, giraffes, and Australia, and is constantly on the phone. Oh, and carries a guitar pick everywhere.

  32. Sabrina:

    A great kid and student, always smiling and that dared to try new things.
    To involve herself in projects and that followed her dreams.

  33. Kathryn:

    I am not sure how I will be remembered because the only thing people ever say about me is that I am very mature and quiet.

  34. Nick:

    I would be remembered as the guy who gave them joy by riding in their jokes, as the wild guy, the daring guy, maybe, the easily-offended guy, the guy who makes creative Powerpoint presentations, the guy who once looked like Harry Potter, the simple guy they know.

  35. Tara:

    as a listener. but other than that as one that could be seen right through and completely over-looked. as someone who portrayed a vision of happiness expected of her but wore thinner and thinner until a day came where anyone who saw her could see the pain and self-hatred and black-cloud of depression.

  36. Ben:

    Hopefully, as the one who could make any situation a fun one.

  37. Jill:

    I will not be remembered at all.

  38. Tressa:

    A girl trying to put back together her life after being lost for so long.

  39. Miff:

    every one I knew : Who? never heard of her.
    the guy I love: the sweetest thing on earth, cuz sugar dipped in honey would be sour next to her sweetness.

  40. Kristen Deneuve:

    … as the girl who wouldn’t stop smiling while she was crying I guess.
    Yay for universal idiocy.

  41. Stephanie:

    Hopefully I’d be remembered as one who kept pursuing her dreams, no matter the obstacles.

  42. P.J.:

    As a fool. I’m cool with that.

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