Question 132

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39 Responses to “Question 132”

  1. JedHakuro:

    That as much as I suffer alone…
    sacrifice my time and effort for…
    get beaten, betrayed, and hurt…
    lose, fall, and stumble…

    I will never ever question my belief that ‘kindness can perform miracles’ and that ‘kindness is the answer.’

  2. court:

    i am sure of the fact that i have absolutely no idea what im doing with my life

  3. Bethany:

    I want to die with scars on my arms.

  4. me:

    absolutely nothing.

  5. Camille:

    That no matter what , it goes on. Things will happen. They will knock you down, push you over, and shove you to your breaking point. You just gotta keep on getting up and doing what you do and loving the people you love and maybe someday, you can be with him.

  6. Anne:

    Nothing. And I love that.

  7. Sheri:

    I agree with Anne-nothing. It’s amazing.

  8. AK:


  9. JennyLynn:

    That I have no clue who I am.

  10. Lua:

    that nothing can last 4 ever . .

  11. Fran:

    that it always goes on

  12. moca:

    that eventually I will die

  13. Krishy:


  14. Candice:

    me… I am the constant.

  15. Amber:

    That the only constant in life is change.

  16. Must struggle.
    I am always stuck in some shape of box.
    I always have bigger boxes to jump in until I jump out again 😉

  17. terry:

    i will die

  18. Valerie:

    As of yesterday, nothing.
    My faith, I suppose.

  19. Malinda:

    It keeps going and there are no rewinds

  20. Nicole:

    love. love is the only thing that lasts forever

  21. Justin:

    i am sure that no matter how many times i want or tried to give up, I can’t. And now I am glad for that

  22. the existance of God !thats the ONLY thing i’m sure of.

  23. Anika:

    My mortality. That’s the only thing that will never fail me

  24. Laura:

    That I can trust myself to not give into peer pressure. I’ll stand up for what I believe in

  25. Joenard:

    GOD’s unending mercy and unfailing love.

  26. Alex:

    Nothing really except the feelings I get when him and I are together; I can’t describe it.. But, its a great thing, and I’m sure of that.

  27. Tiff:

    That I am never going to be sure of anything.

  28. April:

    My religion, I 100% believe it’s true. Sometimes there can be things that seem kind of strange or hard to believe, but I honestly do believe in it all.

    I’m sure of myself. You never know who will truly always be there for you, but I know that no matter what happens or anyone says, I can do anything that I want. I believe that God and my family will always be there to support me and that everything happens for a reason. At times things may be hard or they may hurt, but better things are always in story.

  29. Micki:

    Death, and the existence of god, in the same way as the existence of a Liger

  30. Chelsea:

    that family and friends are what matter

  31. Kelly:


  32. the lucky one:


  33. Don't Tell the Boss:

    The ONE thing I am sure of is that I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

  34. sab:

    That I haven’t lived yet.

  35. Ris:

    That I have an unbreakable bond with the three of them, one that will never fade.

  36. Nick:

    That hope and confidence is the key to getting through college.

  37. mistie:

    I’ve never been sure of anything for more than 3 seconds.

  38. Tj:

    I am sure that nothing is certain, nor permanent, nor valuable. We give value to those things we perceive to be worth something. We only know what we know because we haven’t yet been proven wrong, or a new discovery hasn’t been acheived.

  39. Sam:


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