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  1. Manderin:

    Taking a walk on a sunny day through constantly changing scenery. There is music playing, my knee is in good enough condition that I can run without hurting myself, and sometimes friends will start walking next to me and we can chat. That’s my idea of heaven.

  2. JennyLynn:

    Definetly not on Earth.

  3. terry:

    i know my heaven on earth is music

  4. me:

    to quote the spill canvas, “heaven’s not a place that you go when you die, it’s that moment in life when you actually feel alive.”

  5. lis:


  6. “Now” if you let it be 🙂

  7. Jason:


  8. Justin:


  9. JedHakuro:

    A day with Megan and laughing about random things.
    An outing with Gabrielle and catching up on life.
    Rock Band and Taco Bell with Ivan during the late night scene.
    Dueling with Yu-Gi-Oh Card with Chris and just being random.

    My heaven are those moments I can steal away from my current life and spend it with people whom I care about.

  10. Rae:

    Nonexistent…the place.

    The closest I will ever come to heaven is spending the day laughing and talking with my family and one good friend.

  11. OneStepCloser:

    My mom’s touch…so soothing n loving.

  12. Lua:

    Paradise for me is not only just a reality that will come ,

    it dates have been postponed despite my wishes . .

    And all the places where the earth can not give it to me . .

    It is a pure love that does not exist in this world . .

    It is a place where all people who I miss them . .

    Paradise is the death of Forbidden things , the death of the authorities .

    Paradise is the death of boredom, fatigue and sickness . .

    Paradise is the death of the death !

  13. A.:

    … Being able to wake up every morning and do absolutely anything. Including have a meaninful conversation with my idols… Including my Grandad.

  14. Amber:

    Those moments when you are extremely hyper and happy and nothing or no one can bring you down. When you help someone beyond your knowledge and you know that is why the cycle of life continues to exist. When people let down their mask and all come together for a single purpose. For me, these moments all exist on the street of Broadway.

  15. Holly:

    Heaven is the place in my mind, where I try to escape everything sad or evil in my life.
    Heaven is the place I want to escape to when things are at their worst, but also the place I never seem to be able to reach.

  16. mona:

    where every word is a song and every dance is a step

  17. Anjelica:

    Heaven is the everlasting reunion of all that you loved.

  18. Joenard:

    In the arms of “GOD”

  19. Alex:

    A place where… There isn’t fear, sadness, or worry. A place where you feel free, and the people around you are just as happy as you are. A place where you got the perfect guy and the perfect setting… And noone around is judgemental, nor negative.
    I guess just a place where there are no limitations to how happy you can be.

  20. Thom:

    It’s the space between your ears….happens to be the same place hell is found as well.

  21. Megan:

    Heaven is a place where you don’t have to worry about anyone judging you. You feel like you completely belong and you don’t have to worry about anything. You find friendship and love and true joy that you can’t experience anywhere else.

  22. Kate:

    Well, for just myself, heaven is fields of horses and a library of all the books that have ever or will ever be written.

  23. April:

    Whatever makes you happiest.

  24. Mollay:

    Making love with him.

  25. Paige:

    When he looks at me and smiles.

  26. Is it possible to define it?

  27. Joel:

    Heaven doesn’t exist, because heaven implies perfection. Which also doesn’t exist.

  28. BJ:


  29. Heaven is a place where humans cannot go to fuck it and turn it into hell

  30. Heather:

    A dystopian society fooling people into a false sense of utopia.

  31. Megan:

    A place where you can say confidently to yourself, “I belong here”

  32. Nick:

    A place where we can have peace within our hearts and souls.

  33. jsavanahs:

    HEAVEN: The place I will one day go, to spend eternity with The Lord; The place I will get to see my daddy again, where he’ll be healthy, without pain, and not having to fight cancer. The place where my family, my friends, and myself will one day rejoice after our time on earth is done. That, is my HEAVEN.

  34. Jenny:

    Anywhere HE is 🙂 <3

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