Question 141

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  1. Jo:

    When more is lost than gained.

  2. Laura:

    When giving up means you stop hurting.

    I wish I could stop being stubborn and just listen to myself..

  3. Sarah:

    “When you have to let go, you have two options. You can let go of what you’re holding on to and climb higher, or you can let yourself fall to the bottom. Either way, you’ll always end up trying to climb again. It’s easier to let go and forgive and climb higher than it is to hold on and lose your grip and fall.”

  4. mary:

    yes, there was a corrupted love, I loved my colleage but he loved another colleage in his office at the same time. I will never want to talk it again. I give up.

  5. Lua:

    yes and sometimes it is the Best answer . . Like if you fall in love with someone but it is impossible to be yours 🙁

  6. Sam:


    When giving up results in help, happiness, faith, hope, and a future.

    I need to give up.

  7. salvacio:

    yes…when giving up means you are letting go and freeing yourself…

    its okay to give up sometimes…

  8. JedHakuro:

    It’s okay to give up sometimes. You don’t need a reason to give up or explain yourself, thats who you are and I won’t judge you any differently as long as you gave up after you at least tried.

  9. Lisa:

    Yes. We all need to give up ourselves to God. if we try in our own strength we cannot accomplish anything in the long run. But if we give up and let God be God in our lives we can start to live the abundant life God offers us.

  10. Becca:

    Giving up is never an option. Pursuing true happiness, taking control of your own life, and knowing when you’ve had enough, is.

  11. JennyLynn:

    When you can’t let it beat you down anymore.

  12. gabs:

    When trying your goddamned best actually makes it worse.

  13. Jillianne:

    For me it is not about giving up…it is more about making another choise.

  14. malu:


  15. Courtney:

    Absolutely, because there is never clairvoyance in the future*

  16. Justin:

    Yes, because sometimes when all else fail, giving up is the only option and sometimes you would be surprised with what happen afterward.

  17. Fran:

    Yes! Letting go is incredibly powerful

  18. Sandra:

    WhEn ItS ThE OnLy WaY OuT!

  19. Ivana:

    When you fall in love.

  20. chelsea:

    Sometimes giving up doesn’t mean you’re weak. Sometimes it means you’re strong enough to let go

  21. Alex:

    Yes there is. Like others have said, when carrying on hurts you, when there is no discernable light at the end of the tunnel. But there is one thing that it’s never ever worth giving up on: yourself.

  22. April:

    I initially think no, but yes, there actually is. When more bad than good is coming out of a situation, it’s time to cut the apron strings and let go.

  23. Giving up,and walking away are not the same thing,but neither are an option!! Live strong,be free,and never give in to willingness to take the easy way out…

  24. It makes allways sense. When i give up, i stop to fight. When i stop to fight, i’m open for peace and all good things.

  25. Chrys:

    Like others have said, it’s okay when it finally hurts too much, and you just can’t keep doing it any longer. When you know you have done everything you possibly can, and you finally realize that people have to want to change/fix themselves, before anyone else can help them.

  26. jack:

    When it’s not the bigger picture

  27. Nicole:

    It is sometimes necessary to give up on what you want. Never give up on what you yearn for. Ever.

  28. Lulu:

    When there is no positive outcome.

  29. Anon...:

    Yes, even if It means losing somebody you once loved that you would do anything for.

  30. Aaron:

    No! No, no, no! You never give up. You don’t give up on others, you don’t give up on your dreams, and most importantly, you never give up on yourself. Never, never, never give up!

  31. Ris:

    Giving up made sense to me. I had a dream with my sisters that was honestly the reason I stayed alive for several years, but I had to give it up. Not because I didn’t believe in it, or because it was impossible. But for the time being, giving up on that dream would help me focus more realistically on what was in front of me.

  32. Sabrina:

    When it’s no more worth it.

  33. Megan:

    Yes. Sometimes, you need to give up so that you can move on with your life

  34. Nick:


  35. mistie:

    When it’s not worth it. Most of the time it is, though.

  36. sarah:

    giving up your right to be right

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