Question 149

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  1. Anne:

    Cry, therapy, cry & therapy, cry, cry, cry, cry, self harm, hospital, therapy therapy therapy….
    here there are two possibilities:
    1) suicide
    2) healing & self forgiveness.

    this is just my guess though.

  2. Bethany:

    I would never forgive myself. And that’s why I’m so afraid.

  3. JedHakuro:

    I don’t know what I would do. I already blame myself for a lot of deaths that weren’t my fault because I was too scared to either do something or waited too long to make a decision.

    And that alone leaves me in months of continuous therapy, self-hate, and depression. If I ever fail and it costs a life… I would probably fall really far and end up becoming really destructive to myself, which may lead to my death.

  4. Jenny:

    I blamed myself for years for the death of my mother, because I was so depressed I wished that someone close to me would die so I would have a good enough reason to just end my life. Then she got cancer, and died. Now I realize that it wasn’t my fault. But still if I could undo that, I would in a heart beat.

  5. Jo:

    I almost did today actually. I just barely dropping a heavy box on a baby in a stroller today at work. I was shaking for the next hour about what would have happened if the stroller was 2 feet back. I thanked God right then and there for watching over both the baby and myself.

  6. Justin:

    Funny, I wanted to be friends with a girl I met long time ago but I was too shy. I didn’t and that was a mistake and she died a year later. I didn’t forgive myself for a long time but I did knowing it could set me free and because she would have forgiven me.

  7. C:

    I’d probably be traumatized. I hope I’ll never have to go through such an awful experience..

  8. Kill myself.

  9. Smoo:

    I’d definitely kill myself.

  10. FutureMD:

    I’m going to start medical school in a couple weeks and will have to face that question in a very real way… I’m not really sure what I would do though.. but it’s all going to be a necessary part of the process, and life I suppose..

  11. Lua:

    I will try to live my life without pain . . .

  12. Tiff:

    Live the rest of my life for them.

  13. Be really sorry for the moment, take the responsibility and move on.

  14. Laura:

    Wow, I was actually just thinking about this the other day. I don’t know what I would do…I think I would probably end up having a complete mental breakdown and going into a state of depressed madness. Then I’d have to go to therapy, and hopefully I’d work my way out of it.

  15. Jason:

    I’d recognise the mistake, mourn for the loss I caused and use it to make me a better person. It depends on the context of the death also.
    I want to go into medicine, so this will become real for me soon enough. But if it was a day to day situation where I ran a red light and someone died because of it, it’d crush me for a long time. But everything is there to teach us

  16. April:

    Live filled with regret.

  17. Do something to make up for it, so it was not a death in vain.

  18. Since I plan on medical school, I guess I’ll have to face this question some day for real. But I’d hope that I have enough strength to go on.

  19. gabs:

    Take full responsibility. It’s easier said than done and would probably be very painful, but it’s peanuts if I ended up injuring or killing someone. If I didn’t, I’d either run away from civilization or kill myself, because I can’t manage that kind of guilt.

  20. guilty:

    I just did, and I feel so guilty I have no idea what to do.

  21. StrongSister:

    Confess. Then a lot of therapy.

  22. Machozz:

    I would save sacrifice my life to save another.

  23. AJD:

    I think about this almost everyday…im a firefighter and pretty new to the job. im not sure if i could handle it

  24. On the Run:

    Keep it to myself! I ain’t going back to jail…..

  25. TQD:

    Move on forward.

    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
    – Albert Einstein

  26. Al:

    Realize I’m human and make mistakes, and over time move on. We all have to mature at some point and realize the past is the past. It may be hard, but nothing will last forever.

  27. Kelsey:


  28. lou:

    apologize to the family. own up to what i did.

    telling a family what happened helps them move on.

  29. A:

    I’d like to say that I would live my life in their honor and take nothing for granted.
    in reality, I would probably hate myself and then end my life.

  30. jake:

    probley die in jail cause are legal system is fuk’d up.

  31. Jessica:

    I would change the rest of the world. I would change everyone in a better way. Every death happens for a reason, the best thing I could do is make everyone who is still living happier.

  32. Anon...:

    sit there numb until somebody forced me to a psychologist or therapy.

  33. josie:

    if it was somebody i didn’t know well then i would live my life in fear,regret,and probably dislike myself a little.and then i would try to make myself understand that it was a mistake and we all make mistakes.and maybe need counseling.if it was someone i knew really well or loved very much, then i would hate myself forever,have many thoughts of suicide,go to therapy,and live the rest of my life with no peace.

  34. Nick:

    Cry and want my life to be over. I really can’t live knowing that I made a mistake that cost one’s life.

  35. mistie:

    I’d probably never forgive myself, but I’d definitely try.

  36. zoe:

    i wouldn’t realize what had just happened, i’d deny and deny then it would hit me that yes it actually happened and that he would be alive if it wasn’t for my selfishness. I would just keep everything inside because there’s no way i could talk to anyone without them looking down on me. i would slowly start to break down and go into a depression, because you don’t ever forget something like that, you never fully move on or get rid of the pain.

  37. Julie Takase:

    i would pray.

  38. Eljai:

    Own up, face the consequences. Was it an honest mistake…something I could not see coming, was not the fault of carelessness…or was it the result of me doing something thoughtless or foolish? If it was job related and the result of carelessness or no longer being fit for the job,I would quit. I would apologize, probably seek counseling.

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