Question 157

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  1. court:

    A physical education teacher!

  2. Aimee:

    A pediatrician.

  3. When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian.
    Now, I’m teetering between being a teacher or some form of doctor.

  4. C:

    I’m still growing up :p
    I’m stuck between journalism and criminology

  5. Laura:

    I’m 17, therefore I have plenty of time to think about it. 🙂

    I wanted to be a marine biologist up until freshman year biology, my teacher completely turned me off of the subject. She was awful.

    Now I want to be a graphic artist, but that could change, who knows.

  6. Lua:

    I just want to be Happy . .

  7. Meri:

    A superhero.

  8. Justin:

    A space pilot like Han Solo or the main character in Star Trek. I want to grow up to travel in space, visit so many planets, and see so many things no one ever seen before. That was my dream and still is. I am now aiming to become a teacher because sometimes there is a line between dreams and reality and you just have to choose. Still, I hope someday I can still become a space pilot.

  9. feel the funk:

    i wanted desperately to be a ballerina or an actress

  10. Sb else’s hero 🙂

    Now all I want to be is my own champion 😉

  11. salvacion:

    when i was a lil girl, i really want to be a scientist. because i often wonder of so many things, i usually have a day that i sit beside my mom side and stared at the sky and ask her, “ma, why do clouds move? why do moon follow me when i walk? and alot more questions…my mind is always been occupied with “why” and then i decided to be a doctor…an engineer, a programmer. oh well, now…none of it happened, but im completely happy of what i have achieved:)

  12. K.:

    I wanted to be a doctor because I thought it would be cool to see how this person made this happen to them but then I found out that it would be gross!Like yeah saving people’s lives would be awesome but than again that same fear of losing a life wouldn’t be awesome,get me?
    Then last month I wanted to be a vet but now it seems boring.Again saving animals would be very awesome but that fear.I would not live my life knowing that I took somebody’s ,I would just fell extremly horrible!
    Now I wanna be a photographer/model.Haha it might change though.But if I don’t become either than I wanna do something that would be fun and helping people.NOT KILLING THEM!Like probably a teacher or those people that work in nursing homes.I don’t know.But I know I wanna be a photograper ,there’s no doubt that I would wanna change that.

  13. Jason:

    A vet. I’m going to college in September to try and start my career in Medicine

  14. Julz:

    I want to be a therapist for kids and teens………of course I’m only 14 so things could change but i know for sure i want to be a foster parent as well 🙂 cause i will never stop loving kids

  15. Malinda:

    an American Ambassador

  16. Meghan:

    I am thinking of becoming a writer, but lately I haven’t been able to complete anything I start.
    Psychology is another choice. Photographer would be my third choice.
    I really want to travel as I grow up, and whatever jobs I can get along the way will be okay.

  17. luna:

    i wanted to be an adventurer.

    but now i know i have to get a real job.

  18. Etizzle:

    @luna: that is a real job. you just have to find someone to sponsor you…or learn to fish.

    i wanted to be a vet. but i hate science and i love numbers so i’ve officially decided to go into Public Admin as a Budget Analyst. Exciting. Seriously.

  19. Sam:

    A teacher. In two weeks I will be starting college and majoring in Elementary and Special Education.

  20. Erin:

    I wanted to be someone who changed the world in a positive way. And I still do believe that I can achieve my dreams.

  21. Jillianne:

    I wanted to be unconditional loving mother….

  22. A!:

    On a paper from preschool, I wrote that I wanted to work in a grocery store. On a paper from 5th grade, I said a teacher. I’m not really sure I want to be either of those as a career, especially not work in a grocery store the rest of my life. Teacher? We’ll see.

  23. April:

    When I was really little I wanted to be an artist. I always lovvvved drawing, painting, and anything like that.

  24. Al:

    I wanted to be a cat.

  25. Kelsey:

    A kid.

  26. Soozi:

    I wanted to be Spider-Man. I wanted to be a superhero and to save the day. A superhero or a firefighter, something brave and strong and someone people could look up to. Now I’m on my way to becoming a physicist or biologist, but some days I still wonder what its like to fly or save someone else’s life…. I guess i’ll never grow up.

  27. nocturnesthesia:

    A garbage collector. I always thought the garbage men looked like they were having more fun than anyone else.

  28. Amanda:

    I wanted to be a “Cloud Maker.” When I was younger we would take a trip into Georgia and pass through Rome that had, what I know now, the smoke stacks. I wanted to run them so I could make huge fluffy clouds =) Silly me…

  29. happy.

  30. Judy:

    The person I am right now, but with more experience.

  31. Raven:

    In preschool I wanted to be a doctor or a go-go dancer.

  32. zai:

    piano player

  33. Anon...:

    I wanted to be the following: doctor, nurse, chef, psychologist and right now I want to be a flight attendant. Ah well, I’m 16 I’ve got time to make up my mind.

  34. Raven:

    I still have the dream of going into space, but I’ve always wanted to be a scientist for as long as I can remember, although the field has changed.

  35. Nick:

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor but now, a graphic designer.

  36. mistie:

    A kindergarden teacher. But now I see that that job sucks.

  37. Julie Takase:

    hahaha, i wanted to be a princess ballerina. then a hairdresser that snapped her gum and smoked cigarettes. i guess i saw it on tv once and thought she was super cool

  38. Sam:

    A marine biologist. Now I work in a health spa.

  39. ali:

    i wanted to become a doctor, but when i started to study chemistry, i understood that it will not happen. 🙂 i would still love to be a doctor, if not that chemistry.

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