Question 165

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25 Responses to “Question 165”

  1. Aimee:

    Definitely not. I would much rather spend my day with the people that I care about. I’d rather be with them and talking to them and telling them how much they mean to me..

  2. Laura:

    If today was my last day to live, I definitely wouldn’t be spending it doing summer reading and working for 5 hours. I’d be with my friends and family.

  3. salvacion:

    if today is my last day….YES! i will just do the same thing as what im always doing everyday, and just observe every people around me…there is nothing to say to them or to do…and silently say the words of goodbye…and of course,i will be thankful and be happy, because at last, i can get rest;)

  4. Jason:

    No, because a 12 hour shift is a waste of a day if there aren’t any more. But it’s impossible to do what you want every day. In life, you need to do the things you don’t want to, to get the things you do.

  5. Sonja:


  6. Abbey:

    Yes, I’d bring a few more people I care about along for the ride, but yes, most definitely. 🙂

  7. Jenny:

    Yes, because I’m spending today with family that I love. Going camping, sitting around a campfire, and going hiking to waterfalls, today couldn’t be anymore better!

  8. Anne:

    fuck no.

  9. C:

    Nope. I’d skip school, skip sleeping hours, and do sth I’ve always wanted to do, but never could

  10. I definitly would not. I’d tell the boy I like that I like him, I’d tell some people what I really think of them, I’d spend my time with my closest friends while skipping school, and I’d make sure I went out with my family.

  11. April:

    No. I’d want to spend it with the people I love most, doing the things that I love most. Today wasn’t any real epic out of the ordinary day.

  12. julia:


    i would get on a plane and go to dallas to see my family 🙁

  13. I would steal as many guns and explosives as I could, topple as many credit companies’ buildings as I could find (or organize as many flash-mobs as I could get away with), protest the 9-5 boxed lifestyle that the “modern” world is so fond of whelping us into, and speak with brutal honesty about the state of affairs our human existence has come down to… to whoever will listen.

    Or at the very least, pirate as many television signals, radio air-waves, and internet sites as possible and give everyone a final manifesto of all the evils that we perpetrate against each other. All with a smile on my face. Damn “The Man”, damn the corporations, damn “progress”, damn narrow-minded bigots, damn us all.

  14. Agit:

    I just want to go home and talking a lot with my parents and my brothers.. remind everything fun that we had for a years and I want them sleep besides me until I’m gone.

  15. Aliiyah:

    No .
    I would compliment everyone , and leave a good last impression on the world .

  16. Anonymous:

    Go to school and sit through classes hour after hour almost entirely with people I don’t care to interact with? No. I would not want to do that was this my last day.

  17. Sarah:

    and that is the worst feeling ever

  18. Andrew:

    nope…. and that is sad.. time to wake up and move on….

  19. Anon:

    I would hate for the last day of my life to be spent sitting on the computer doing nothing. I would want to be out doing something exhilarating. At least if I’m going to go out, it may as well be with a bang.

  20. Cupcakes:

    I dont know.

  21. Nick:

    The bad habit? No.
    The exercise? Yes, at least I will die knowing I did something to achieve my goal.

  22. mistie:

    Well, I did go for a walk.

  23. SunShine:

    Study? Yeah, right…

  24. Joey:

    hell no, id want to spend the whole day with my girlfriend

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