Question 167

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31 Responses to “Question 167”

  1. DI:

    Myself , my life …

  2. Julz:

    people………faces in particular.

  3. Bethany:

    A future.

  4. My past. I only see a few things clearly from it.
    But I always see the possibilities in the future.

  5. Anne:


  6. C:


  7. Rich:

    The future

  8. salvacion:

    myself in future…of where im going to be…of how my life would be. its scares me sometime…

  9. Aimee:

    the future, any future

  10. Suhel:

    any future with this girl, any chance telling the girl that I really love, how I feel about her..

  11. Anika:

    When I dream, it’s ppl’s faces that don’t come clear. But when I’m thinking, my heads always a mess.

  12. April:

    What I really want with everything in life. There’s so many options!

  13. Jess:

    the future, where I am going to be 10 years from now, 5 years from now, 1 year from now, or even 1 week from now….
    and myself, and my strengths…

  14. Tori:

    Who I really am, and who I am pretending to be. I have pretending for so long that it all just seems to be meshing together and i can not figure out who I am again.

  15. Aliiyah:

    Who I am , and why I think what I think , and why people say what they say .
    Nothing makes sense .

  16. Kelsey:

    Who I really am, and which friends will stick by me, and like me for me, not who I pretend I am.

  17. erin:


  18. Anonymous:

    Who I am

  19. Judy:

    What it means to be in love, and to love in the best way possible.

  20. Anona:

    A man finding me attractive.

  21. TigerLily:

    How everything is going to work out….

  22. sab:

    The truth.

  23. jake:

    I just can’t wrap my mind around the world as we know it. im praying for an answer…

  24. Kat:

    Who I am
    What I mean to him
    What I want

  25. Anonymous:

    Who I want to love.

  26. Amanda:

    What will happen in the future

  27. Z:

    my fear and not being able to see and clearly define it makes it much harder to resist.

  28. Aaron:

    I can never quite clearly see why people give up. Why do people quit when the going gets tough? That’s the one thing I can never clearly see.

  29. Sabrina:

    My future…

  30. Nick:

    My personality. I really just don’t get myself.

  31. jsavanahs:

    The person whom I’ll spend the rest of my life with.

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