Question 168

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39 Responses to “Question 168”

  1. Anne:

    high school! <3

  2. Tara:

    * Getting a nice home with a big back yard for my kids to play in.
    * Getting to that point where I can finally let go of all my past experiences and memories that still haunt me and finally get on with my life and LIVE and be HAPPY!!!

  3. Tori:

    going to college and starting over making my life what I want to make it.

  4. Aimee:


  5. Venus:

    To the day I find out that I am pregnant.

  6. Robert:

    Finding the strength to be who I am supposed to be.

  7. Gwen:

    ~I’m looking foward to college (debt free)
    ~Heaven 🙂
    ~Meeting “The one”

  8. Anonymous:

    For him to come around

  9. Laura:

    Believe it or not, the first day of school. Which is tomorrow. I’m starting my junior year and I’m actually pretty excited

  10. Hannah:

    Starting my life, but i’m afraid it’s never going to happen.

  11. Rose:

    Competing in my first triathlon this Sunday, at age 50

  12. a viv:

    ^ way to go rose!

    Short term I’m looking forward to my vacation with my mom.
    Long term I’m looking forward to making my own way in life and whats really in store.

  13. Lua:

    I want to be dependent person

  14. Bethany:

    The end. Of all of this.

  15. C:


  16. Jillianne:

    sharing my heart felt love equally within a relationship

  17. Kehiloe:

    Life is a journey but when i retire, i want to look back and say “thanks God for a fulfilled life”

  18. Someone to kiss me.

  19. Taj:

    Next summer, when I see them again. When I can look in his eyes, again, and see that nothing has changed.
    To becoming a better person
    To living life, and sitting in my rocking chair when I’m old, remembering these long-ago times, and smiling, smiling that they were good.

  20. Tay:

    643 days….when he gets home from the Marine Corps Base in Japan, so I know he is safe and home from deployments.

  21. silver blaze:

    to start my life with tutu….i just love him so much …i guess these obstacles just make us stronger….i do hope so <3

  22. April:

    Being done with high school!!!

  23. julia:

    doing things on my own


    my own apt.
    leaving my hometown
    starting a family


  24. Julz:

    life after school

  25. Jess:

    I’m most looking forward to a few things:

    Finding the one I’m meant to be with for the rest of my life.
    Finding what God wants me to do with my life and getting to pursue that.
    to living life, every day, to the fullest!
    amongst other things…

  26. Aliiyah:

    A fresh start at college , 2 years from now .

  27. Kelsey:

    Finding a guy who will love me, getting married, having kids.

  28. chris:

    being able to inally slow down, spend time with my wife and children, and rest……before it is too late

  29. manderz:

    the day when I can fully place all my burdens in God’s hands and truly let them go.

  30. DontTellTheBoss:

    Marrying my secret love.

  31. gretz:

    life. the many surprises and mysteries of life.

  32. lou:

    1. being comfortable in my own skin
    2. being a wife
    3. adopting a child.

  33. Anona:

    Falling in love and getting married.

  34. melissa:

    Someday marrying the love of my life who I’m dating right now. And having a family and life together. I look forward to the adventure of life with him. I love him so much.

  35. Amanda:

    Graduating college in May!

  36. Sabrina:

    Finally go to university and knowing what job I’ll do in my life.
    I’ll finally start to breathe a little more and enjoy my life.

  37. Lauren:

    To see my family again. I miss them so much.

  38. Nick:

    Entering college and finally study what I want to study.

  39. mistie:

    Every single second of life. You don’t know how much time you have…

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