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  1. Jason:

    Realised where I want to be in life.
    Reapplied for college, got accepted and am determined to make it work this time. 3rd time’s the charm.
    Finally accepted that my mother is trying her hardest and is human too, because we’ve both accepted each other, we’ve now started developing a real relationship.
    I’ve accepted myself and come to terms with the fact that I am not perfect, never will be and need to love who I am before any one else will.

  2. a viv:

    Finished College
    Started doing things on my terms.

  3. Amanda:

    I’ve made it through. I have had my share of hysterical days, but I’ve managed to see the next one. I have adapted reasonably well to the fact my father, my closest friend, died unexpectedly at the end last year when I was 21, the one thing I always swore time and time again that I would never make it through. The mere fact that I am able to function is a major accomplishment for me.

  4. Kat:

    I grew up, I lived by myself, I met the most amazing people in the entire world, I found out more about who I am, and I have a dream to pursue now.

  5. A..:

    Taught 4th graders about ecology – educating our future.
    Pursued my passion of the environment.
    Took leadership roles with enthusiasm.
    Passed tests and classes with flying colors.
    Opened myself up more, even just a little bit, to friends.
    Ultimately, kept my sanity.

  6. jay:

    graduated basic military training and made it through one of the highest washout training schools.

  7. GailA:

    I became a granny!

  8. Eventually building up the courage to speak up about my eating disorder, and ask for help, I’ve now been trying to recover for a year, and despite relapses along the way Im determined to get control of my life back.

  9. dwa:

    Yoga šŸ™‚

  10. Hannah:

    I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life.. and that is just live and let live!

  11. Laura:

    I got a job, even though I didn’t want one at all, I’m proud of myself for getting one and keeping it.

  12. Elly:

    I cycled 220 miles, to raise almost Ā£1000 for Macmillan Cancer Support…

  13. C:

    I figured out what I want to become in live

  14. Chelsea:

    I graduated from one of the best school in the country when I thought I would never make it there in the first place

  15. Gracie:

    I transfered from a high school that was making me physically ill with stress to the district’s alternative school, where I got back in control.

  16. Justin:

    That I found what I wanted to be was inside me all along and determined not to lose that.

  17. Ref:

    I became a mother, I realised that I needed God’s guidance and started to seek God more. I am appreciating life more, I have started living.

  18. Tori:

    Graduating high school, and going to college on a full soccer scholarship.

  19. Anne:

    Matured, and written a few poems.

  20. Thomas:

    Got a lead role in the musical.
    Became friends with some really amazing people.
    Finished High School.
    Completed a bike ride that 2 years ago I thought might be impossible.
    I haven’t given up on writing my campaign.

  21. Sarah:

    I got almost straight A’s in my freshman year of high school. It’s the almost that makes me proud, not the A’s.

  22. Lee-Anne:

    Started a new job, learnt to speak French, had a baby and enrolled into university (in that order in exactly one year)… From the fire-blowing party girl to a responsible, loving parent studying politics, I think this year has been an excellent one!

  23. Annie:

    I tried out for a school play. And I got the part. I love to act, but before this year, I never had the courage or confidence to try out.

  24. Lindsay:

    Gave birth to the first girl in the family for 40 years. Am so proud of my wee princess that my heart could burst.

  25. April:

    Hard to say. Maybe it’ll sound a little silly, but I feel proud that I’m with the guy that I love right now. The past year has been a battle of us against the world it seems. Somehow, we’re together though. True love really does seem to conquer all. May this year bring more dreams coming true. šŸ™‚

  26. Grace:

    I realized that what I had gone through, didn’t need to hold me back anymore.

  27. gita:

    I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut where I couldn’t earlier, and I’ve learned to smile more.
    I’ve learned to stay beside the people who matter to me, and protect and love them, no matter what they do.

  28. Syd:

    I’m still breathing.
    I’m still a loving person.
    I can still connect with others.

  29. Amanda:

    Won a competitive scholarship

  30. Z:

    Overcame an addiction

  31. Ris:

    Started to break away from what was holding me back.

  32. Kat:

    Got the strength to walk, and stay, away.

  33. Gracie-Lou:

    i finished high school, passed every subject, and managed to do public speaking without it being acting!

  34. Nick:

    Realizing what I really want to do for the rest of my life.

  35. Lizzy:

    Realizing that Iā€™m the only girl who got an award at school for her grade in class and that my teacher bumped me up to the next course of the program. I start building the class robot in three months.

  36. Kellen:

    I’ve learned what hobby’s make me feel good and how to live in the toughest times. I’ve learned to be strong and to not let anything, not even health, ruin me.

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