Question 183

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23 Responses to “Question 183”

  1. Derek:

    Work hard. Focus. And be happy.

  2. Take the next step.

    I like this question a lot because of the reference to the ‘resources you have’ which can be motivation, time, money, energy, etc…

  3. laya:

    I should start. I can start. I need to start.

    I know nothing is stopping me, but me.

  4. cassinha:

    study very hard.. :/

  5. Laura:

    Get off the computer and study for the three tests I have tomorrow..

  6. Get myself a goal.

  7. Micki:

    Start Jamming with my band, Begin the proces of Vert Skating, Read more books, Meditate, Start to exercise, get a job, stop smoking….

  8. Lisa:

    Remind myself that the “goal” is not the important thing, but my experiences in life along the way are what matter.

  9. Anne:

    study biology and practice my drawing. Basically, nothing, but in the mean time I might as well get better at what I want to do.

  10. Mary:

    Become more aware of what goes into my mouth.

  11. ernest:

    myself, my ability to plan and take action, phone and the internet.

  12. April:

    Work at it.

  13. N:

    Understand how much a partner grieved.

  14. Anselmo:

    Energy makes energy. Get healthy and fit and feel full of energy and in-turn get a greater sense to work on life. Focus far more effort into my career and generally building a future i will be proud of. Greatly limit the partying, abusing my body with drink, cigarettes and other drugs. I know what i want to do but i cant reach it as i am my own worst enemy. I believe a lot of other people like me get irritated, angry and upset by life’s less fortunate times, like loved ones bringing you down.
    Stop falling into small traps of temptations, temptations you know aren’t taking you where you want to go but suit your immediate needs.
    When you recover from feeling down and wonder where your life is going and proceed to set goals to better your life. Is it just me that gets distracted again when you feel just ‘alright’ again and will inevitably end up in the same place again.
    With more discipline, i would simply do more of what i know is right and not always the fun option.

  15. tanya:

    study very hard this year, treat the people i love better and make sure they know how much i love them, and not getting so angry

  16. Andrew:

    believe in myself and follow my dream

  17. Go to bed.

  18. Amanda:

    Just work as hard as I can and keep trying my best

  19. Jessica:

    Take all the pills in the medicine cabinet.

  20. Nick:

    Just keep on designing to practice my creativity skills.

  21. mistie:

    Opening myself up, being more spiritual with God, and writing. Tons of writing.

  22. Eljai:

    Help myself and my best friend move forward in recovery, create some art projects that have been backlogged for some time, enjoy my favorite critters on the face of the earth, and live in paradise

  23. Eljai:

    apply self discipline, make a plan and stick to it no matter what and refuse to be distracted by fleeting feelings and whims.

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