Question 198

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61 Responses to “Question 198”

  1. Amanda:

    What will my future be like?

    Is there a god?

    Why do some people act the way they do?

  2. L:

    Why my family members acted/act the way they did/do

    What im going to do after college in may.

    When I will be myself again

  3. Katii:

    Will I ever fall in love with someone who will really love me?

    When will I die?

    When will the pain stop?

  4. wowzers:

    1. Who is right?

    2. Do other animals act like humans in their own world?

    3. Whats happening?

  5. Jordan:

    1. Does the love 2 people have for each other ever balance out? Or does one person always care more?
    2. When will I finally stop feeling alone?
    3. Why doesn’t anyone get me?

  6. Emma:

    1. Will either of them ever forgive me?
    2. Will we get out of here together?
    3. Will she ever leave me alone?

  7. Macey:

    Does my life make sense?
    Will I ever be able to love myself for who I am?
    Will anybody be able to love such an injured, ruined person?

  8. dani:

    why doesnt she love me?

    will i ever get married?

    why doesnt anyone help other people who truly need it?

  9. Andrew:

    What is the greatest secret that if revealed to the world at one time, would lead to an unimaginable cataclysm?
    Why are people so selfish to maximize their advantage over others?
    Why is our economic system set up to fill the needs of the elite and not the people?

  10. Nick:

    What’s the one thing that would bring everyone together?
    Who will be my wife?
    How to start fresh?

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