Question 202

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  1. Shaun:

    I’m 19, and I feel like nobody takes anything I say seriously, so I think the best part of growing older is gaining respect. Respect for other people and their ideas goes such a long way.

  2. m:

    Realizing that, even if you grow *old*, you never have to grow *up*.

  3. Julie:

    I care less and less what other people think. With age comes a true freedom, freedom from self…..

  4. jj:

    Looking back at all the good bad and otherwise times and remembering them knowing that I have lived a good life.

  5. In a word? Perspective.

  6. Justin:

    Learning that the life as you thought it was before never really what it supposed to be and maybe our goal is to change it to the way we wanted it to be.

  7. Bryan:

    Wisdom, respect, contentment.

  8. Kat:

    Knowing the true value in people, places I’ve visited and things I’ve accomplished. Appreciating the differences in people and not wanting them to change…flexibility of mind. Never giving up mindset. Life is Good and it IS how I make it. If it’s to be – it’s up to me.

  9. Namunyak:

    getting to know myself.

  10. Anne:

    more freedom, and therefore more time to spend with nature

  11. Jay:

    Wisdom, senior citizen discounts

  12. Bex:

    Not caring what other people think about you are dressed, what you are interested in or what you do…

  13. Lacey:

    Becoming truly comfortable in your own skin.
    and knowing how the story ends.

  14. C.:

    The best part about growing older is looking back on the memories of my youth.

  15. Spencer:

    Passing on your wisdom and watching others achieve their own.

  16. MattAdd:

    … I agree with James – PERSPECTIVE.

  17. Kenneth:

    Growing old with someone you love.

  18. never growing up

  19. maria:

    being wiser

  20. Beth:

    Knowing that no matter what happens I will survive. Feeling secure in my own skin.

  21. diana:

    Being able to be with my man everyday because i love him so much

  22. Jeff:

    Realising that every woman is beautiful.

  23. zonia(::

    growing old with the ones you love<3

  24. Conor:

    First freedom, then respect, then experience, then wisdom.

  25. Marisol:

    Discovering who I really am and changing into the person I will become and growing to love that person.

  26. Ryann:


  27. Aaron:

    the fact that I live long enough to become old is a great thing.

  28. Bails:

    seeing your life unfold and seeing a family grow

  29. Riaan van der Westhuizen:

    can I anwer this question on my death bed????

  30. Jessica:

    Maturing is easily the best part of aging in my opinion. The idea that ‘This as old as I’ve ever been’ is a well known one, but this is also the smartest and wisest I’ve ever been, and yet, tomorrow it will be different. I will be different.

  31. Amanda:

    The older I get, the more I realize that things I thought were such a big deal when I was younger don’t matter nearly as much as I thought they would

  32. Emma:

    Gaining freedom from those who held you back

  33. Macey:

    being respected.

  34. nocturnesthesia:

    When you do something fun, instead of being a “stupid teenager”, you’re now the “cool old guy”.

  35. sarah:

    i think the best part about getting older is that, as cliche as it sounds, everything that has ever hurt you is now a lesson learned. its easier to know who you want to be friends with, what kind of person you want to date, all those things that you got wrong before.

  36. Nick:

    You get more life lessons that would lead you to a better life.

  37. jsavanahs:


  38. Fatima:

    getting to know the person i am turning into

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