Question 207

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  1. s:

    The pay check….love my job hate most of the people Iwork with.

  2. JJ:

    I like what I do

  3. Dee:

    Coding and optimizing (geek alert!), plus the office environment is great.

  4. lou:

    if i don’t go, i get fired.
    (apparently there’s a new “second chance” thing,
    so i wouldn’t get fired the first time. but still.
    i think i’m too responsible to just skip out.)

  5. Heather:

    The people. I am so lucky to work with people who love and care about me. Every day when I walk in there, I am greeted with smiles and hugs and genuine questions about how I’m doing. It’s gotten to the point where I’m closer to some of those people than I am to my friends outside of work. At forty hours a week at a restaurant, I realize that I’m lucky to rarely dread a second of it.

  6. Kate:

    Nothing – which is why I found a new job with better pay and a boss who actually believes I can handle my job! Can’t wait to start next week!

  7. salvacion:

    everything^__^ i love everything about my job….tho i want more than this.

  8. Chelsea Nicole:

    A better life.

  9. Kay:

    Knowing that I will help many people and families at one of the worst and scariest times of their life. I hope I make their stay at the hospital a little bit easier. Im a nurse and its one of the most gratifying things I know of.

  10. Right now? The paycheck is about it. I like what I do, but the stop-start nature of the changes that the company I work for is going through makes it difficult to appreciate any of it.

  11. Aimee:

    The waffles. And the fun I know I’ll have while I’m there.

  12. Lua:

    I believe that I will be a good person to serve my country and people , and this is the important thing !

    I`m The Best 🙂

  13. It’s because I have a passion for this struggling community. It’s because even though I may work and live in the worst neighborhood in Pittsburgh, I am committed to this community for the next year. It’s because I have a mission to educate, improve and empower this community. It’s because I see potential in this community and It’s because I’m in AmeriCorps, and I’m Getting Things Done

  14. Ker:

    Money. Nothing more, nothing less. Sadly.

  15. Beth:

    I enjoy work, and feel energized when I go.

  16. Chelsea:

    Just Because I like the responsibility..I feel energized…. I guess I like going

  17. Anne:

    friends! <3

  18. charley:

    every morning, my manager leaves a diet dr pepper on my desk. it really is the only reason i make it on time every day. hahaha

  19. andy:

    thats where i met my wonderful gf

  20. Kelly:

    the money, the money, the money

  21. The thought that I am delivering value through my career 🙂

  22. Ael:

    Getting the money to get out of here.

  23. Conor:

    I’m going to take this question to mean go to classes, and do the work I have to do at uni. What motivates me is a) the year I could spent studying in USA if I do well this year, and b) the security I would have when I finish my degree, I’ll always have money and easily be able to get a job, but my branch of engineering is so versatile I could end up doing work relating to just about anything.

  24. rumi:

    my kids

  25. sab:

    I hardly make it. I hate food, and stupidity.

  26. ben:

    knowing that one day I won’t wake up and have to see there condescending faces ever again.

  27. melly:

    I get to play with books all day and help kids learn to be better readers… how could I NOT be motivated?

  28. Buenos Dias:

    The awesome people I work with. =)

  29. brittney:

    i love my job 🙂

  30. Jay:

    Go to school to try and go to college to get a job in Biology that could potentially help the world.

  31. Nick:

    The working atmosphere.

  32. Phunk:

    Motivating my staff to make me more wealthy.

  33. HerTruth921:

    the fact that every cent i make gets me closer to my freedom

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