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  1. Lacey:

    I’m a perfectionist, it’s a curse.
    I dread the day when I stop caring, and no one is there to keep me going.

  2. Johnathan:

    My mum, my team, my hopes and dreams

  3. gayle:

    an innate inbuilt need to always give of my best
    i do not want to let myself down and not express my potential
    an innate sense of integrity compels me to give of my best
    also a drive to be fulfilled and happy if i give my best i receive the best so it is a sort of achievement

  4. gayle:

    a need to be percieved by others in an uplifted way
    a need to garner respect and praise

  5. gayle:

    a desire to conquer something or to overcome something within

  6. J.:

    The prospect of reaching my goals

  7. H.:

    To prove them all wrong, that I can do it.

  8. Anonymous:

    My hopes, dreams, my future, and my best friend Nicole.

  9. Anonymous:

    Knowing where I’ve come from and realizing my potential to be great.

  10. Car:

    im motivated by my little brother and sister. They need a good role model and im happy to be that. its like they’re my kids alltogether.

  11. Jason:

    That I can be where I truly want to be someday. I know I can make it.

  12. Rebecca:

    I am either motivated by myself or by one of my best teachers. Self motivation comes from wanting the accomplish something in my life. I want to make an impact, even if other’s do not realize it was me and no one remembers my name. The teacher is one that only gives praise when it is well deserved. I know that if I work hard on something in his class, there are three rewards. The artwork. Self satisfaction. And a few italian words.

  13. Definitely differs on every single situation.

    Like today what motivated me to get up early is, to call my parents early in the morning to drop some holiday blessings 🙂

    Today’s National Holiday in China 😉

  14. Tiva:

    The desired outcome, whether it be physical or an emotional feeling that I’ve succeeded.
    Sometimes, it’s motivation from my best friend… I love it when he is proud of me.
    Other times it’s knowing that I’ve accomplished things that my whole family couldn’t do, and that makes me want to do even better.
    And then there’s the motivation that I get knowing that when I have kids someday, I would want to be a good example to them; to have them learn from my mistakes.

  15. m:

    She does.

    Each and every day.

  16. Hollow:

    The desire to prove to them that with or without their help, I will make a difference. I’m about to give up on them. But I refuse to give up on myself. I know I can do it.

  17. Chelsea:

    I guess I motivate myself? Ive just have never considered not trying…..

  18. gita:

    Lacey.. hugs, that day will never come. Curse or blessing, I share it with you. =)
    Now, I’m not a masochist, but honestly… it’s truly hopeless and dark situations that motivate me most! (I know it sounds weird) ..this is a stupendous revelation that I had the last time I was totally fucked. When I’m stuck in an asshole of a situation, literally, and there’s nowhere to turn, and when every available option looks equally shitty, that’s where I get motivated to find what I’m actually capable of. Amazing things happen! Every time! (most of the times I never knew I could do it)

  19. Kay:

    The thought that someday the perfect guy will come along and I will be ready for him.

  20. Conor:

    The girl I want to be the best for. I am a fuck up, it’s what I do. I try so hard to prevent it, or figure things out, but everything I do seems to end up being the wrong decision. I would have given up long ago if I didn’t have someone to strive for perfection with.

  21. Ael:

    The thought that I need to prove everyone wrong, and that if I give up, they’ll just be laughing.

  22. A teacher I have known for the past 3 years. She has been through more troubles in life than anyone I know but she is also the strongest person I know. She inspries me to be a better person.

  23. The nerdy nurse:

    My desire to succeed and support my family without added stress and with great stability.

  24. rumi:

    my children

  25. Again:

    Not anything anymore

  26. erin michelle andrews :]
    she is the smoke to my high

  27. Meleanor:

    my father, he doesn’t even know what a truely amazing man he is.

  28. Lamiaa:

    Trust and love

  29. Ryann:

    when i see other people suffering from worse situations than me, i think about all the resources i have and how lucky i am compared to those who don’t.

    the life that you are given, especially in this generation, is not meant to be wasted but to test yourself and your abilities.

  30. ben:

    People that hate me

  31. melly:

    The feeling that I get when I tackle and solve the problems that others won’t touch… laziness makes me angry. Also, I love to work hard and see great results:)

  32. tanya:

    the fear of disappointing my family and ending up being a failure and dying alone.

  33. Janie:

    Being aware that my younger brother is looking at me and the decisions I make. Not wanting to disappoint him.

  34. My children.

  35. Raven:

    A desire to learn and make an influence. To know that even if I do something small, it can lead to something much greater.

  36. Amanda:

    Myself. There is so much I want to do with my life. I’m sometimes hard on myself and I’m a perfectionist, but I want to achieve so much.

  37. Emma:

    My desire to leave this town.

  38. A:

    I need to find a reason again.

  39. anon:

    Optimism and a desire to be really happy again.
    When I can’t do it for myself, though, I do it for my friends and family!

  40. Nick:

    The positive outcome of what I’m doing.

  41. Johanna:

    The thought of letting other people down. I don’t want to hurt anyone, so I do my best to be my best and lighten the load of others.

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