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  1. Hannah:

    right now. my best friend’s ex just hurt her. emotionally. really bad.

  2. Jason:

    today. Like most everyday lately…

  3. Anonymous:

    now.. knowing my “best friend” would leave me in a heartbeat for the popular people, and that she’s just using me to seem like she has one friend.. knowing how FREAKIN SELFISH she is.. and how uncaring she is toward me, makes me angry.

  4. Spencer:

    A few weeks ago when all of the neglect boiled up and I confronted my mother.
    Despite proving that she wasn’t living up to what a parent should, she continuously made excuses and denied it.

    Four and a half months without groceries is still ridiculous. We’re not poor, but we will be if she keeps dragging people to court.

  5. Tiva:

    On Monday when my boss basically yelled at me for not turning the light outside off. I open up the place in the mornings and several people walk past that door with the light switch. I did turn it off, and someone must’ve thought it was still too dark and it needed light and they turned it back on. But he yelled at me… he was even standing right there next to it… why make a big deal about it. Just turn the darn thing off yourself! (as you can see it still makes me angry)

  6. Namunyak:

    feeling pressured and manipulated, and being made to feel guilty about being angry about that!

  7. Honestly I don’t remember a particular storming out day for now.
    And I think it’s a gd sign here 😉

  8. Hollow:

    Today – when I realized my “friends” don’t give a shit about me. When I talked to them at lunch, and none of them even said hi or glanced in my direction. When I moved to a different table and sat by myself, alone, and they didn’t bother to ask why. I try so hard to be there for them when they need me, but they don’t seem to care about the fact that I’m more than just a shoulder to cry on. I have feelings too. Why can’t they see that I’m slowly slipping away? Why can’t they see that I need help? Why can’t they see that I’m counting on them and they’re just letting me down every time. When I got home today I just couldn’t help myself. I went outside and sat there and cried. And then I wanted to scream. I wanted to destroy something. I wanted to die.

    But I won’t give up on myself. I’m going to keep going. With or without them, I’ll make a change in the world.

  9. Lacey:

    I’m never really angry.

    Like I’m never about to punch a wall.
    I guess it was when I woke up late, and the rest of the day was just shit.
    I felt gross.

  10. Chelsea:

    Why would someone cheat and then lie to you ??

    I suppose it happens a lot, but WHY! 🙁

    I don’t get angry at people a lot. At first I wasnt angry just hurt and confused and didn’t believe it. But then one day I was angry for the thought that someone I trusted so much, could be capable of doing that and not caring at all.

  11. Laura:

    Last year, my roommate and some of my friends on our floor were having a friendly prank war. I chose not to be a part of it, because I don’t particularly like being unexpectedly inconvenienced for stupid reasons/no reason at all (but I guess that’s just me). Anyway, one of the well-established rules of the prank war was that the pranks would only affect the people who wanted to be part of the war, not innocent bystanders like me. There were some pranks pulled, but they were pretty minor ones, and the other “team” was pretty good about making sure the pranks hit their target (my roommate) and not me. So I didn’t really mind. But one day, during FINALS WEEK, on a day that I had a final at 9 am, the other “team” decided that it would be a good idea to butter our bathroom floor. It was DISGUSTING, and it almost made me late for my final. I was FURIOUS at them; I was already stressed, and the stupid butter thing just put me over the edge. I rarely, if ever, get that mad about anything.

  12. gita:

    about 2-3 years ago? The reason being that someone I cared about a lot, was in a very bad mood and kept taking it out on me. It was okay and I kept trying to cheer her up and let her feel peaceful and relax, and was making tea for her, and then she said “and you really don’t care do you”. It stung me real bad. A minute later I decided to hug her and find out what was wrong. She said something nasty again, and while answering in a peaceful voice, I smashed my mobile phone against the ground (happened to be in my hand at the moment). 😀 I’m sure it looked funny. I’ve heard that people often break phones in anger. That’s the only day I’ve ever broken a thing though. It felt funny, a dark feeling I’m not used to, and I realized anger doesn’t suit me. 🙂

  13. Anonymous:

    yesterday. I got angry at my boyfriend for shutting me out of his life. Won’t talk to me. doesn’t want to see me. I know he’s hurting right now, badly. But I feel like I’m the only one he refuses to see or talk to…and I hate it, so I find myself with temporary moments of anger. A continual battle of compassion, worry, patience and anger…and behind all of it is love.

  14. Weston:

    When my ex-girlfriend tried to get me to tell her about my experiences in therapy, then ridiculed me and my values when I refused to do so. When she slapped me I was probably more angry than I have ever been in my life, which is why I am ashamed to say I slapped her back.

  15. Sandy:

    I really can’t think of the last time that I was really angry….

  16. Anne:

    my sister, because our personalities dont mix

  17. Adfgad:

    Right now .
    I always am , and I’m angry/frustrated with my self . I want to be happy .

  18. Conor:

    This really made me think. I honestly can’t remember. I’ve been pissed off and upset my fair share in recent times, but never REALLY angry. It might have been when on holiday last year and my mum’s boyfriend was being an absolute a-hole about everything to everyone and then blamed everyone’s shitty mood and holiday on my girlfriend(at the time). He said that if he was in charge he’d get her parents to pay for her to go home. He made me so mad at my mum, who was caught up in the middle of it, trying to stand by her partner without making things worse. He also caused a rift between my gf and I, which I think started off the sequence of events which led to us breaking up.

  19. Ael:

    When my mother rejected me for being bisexual. When my boyfriend beat me down again. When the guy I love refused to talk to me because he was out doing drugs. When my best friend interrupted me, again, saying his life, his pain was so much worse than mine, and then left me alone.

  20. Erin:

    When I woke up this morning and had to face the realization that I was alone.

  21. Tj:

    When your phone rang next to me i could see who was calling.
    Yet when i asked you lied. Im angry because i dont trust you anymore

  22. Swish:

    He hurt her terribly.

    And I have to see him every day.

    I’ve never been angry to the point of wanting to be violent before this.

  23. Laura:

    It was a week or two ago. My mother was being unreasonable. She got mad at my dad, and my little siblings, and all of life. However, I felt that she went too far.

  24. Lamiaa:

    It is not easy to be angry but my daughter broke our magic jack after I advised her serveal times not to touch it and I felt my blood boiling inside my veins. Then my other daughter blamed me for being angry with her little sister DUHHH

  25. Ryann:

    Recently at myself. For not being able to return the same love and care to the love of my life who gives me the world.

    For yelling at my temperamental dysfunctional of a mother when I know nothing will be resolved out of it, if anything making matters worse.

  26. Transition:

    Two months ago. My religion teacher says that people who cut themselves are people who will go to hell.

    I went into an emotional shutdown during the lesson – my teacher noticed it, kept making silly gestures about the topic and my reaction – had a bit of breakdown in the bathroom afterward.


  27. tanya:

    yesterday, when my boyfriend was acting completely irrationally in an argument that i knew i was right about, it drove me up the wall.

  28. Me:

    Realizing that for my friend to be happy, no one else can be. This kills me, and her ,because I’m happy for no reason but to be, and she never is.

  29. Lili:

    Three weeks ago, when I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me. I do think he’s still cheating on me right now, but for a reason I ignore, I decided not to fight. I now have to deal with it.

  30. Kristy:

    August 4th, 2010. I know its weird that I can pinpoint the day, but I can. One of my supposed “best friend”s pulled a suicidal stunt, for attention. Now, if someone is honestly hurting, and needs to talk, I’m absolutely there for them. No question about that. But she did it just for attention, and I can’t handle that. And she knows that, and she knew it then. So we had a fight, and I ended our friendship. It wasn’t by any means the sole reason for the end of our friendship. It had been pretty bad for a while. But it was definitely the final straw. Because I take anything to do with suicide seriously. And she absolutely knows its not at all a joke to me. I can’t even describe how freaked out I was that night, before I found out she was okay. There aren’t any words to describe that fear. And then to realize that it was all just a game to her, a ploy for attention? Forget it.

    And to Hollow: I don’t know if you’ll come back and read this ever. Chances are, probably not. But just in case you do, I just wanted to let you know, that I definitely know how you feel, and I’ve definitely been there, over and over again. And its absolutely awful. I’m so sorry you have to go through that. Just know that you aren’t the only one, by any means. And it will get better. It may not seem like it now, but it will.

  31. Amanda:

    Right now. My grandma has dementia, and I just feel so helpless. She helped raise me and I’m really close to her. It just isn’t fair.

  32. L:

    when I think about my step-dad hurting my little brother

  33. Emma:

    This week, as my mother yelled at me for not doing scholarships, but not being able to snap back and tell her I’m not going to college yet, and when I do I wont be asking for her help.

  34. A:

    I can count the times I’ve raised my voice on one hand for my entire life. When my now ex-fiance made fun of one of my friends for “not doing it right the first time” when he tried to hang himself. I have never felt that out of control of myself or my anger.

  35. Unnur:

    I saw the guy who beat me and my good friend up (he is her girlfriend). They are still together and she is pregnant. He ruined New Years for me by drinking too much, getting violent and giving me bruises all over and a black eye. I became furious because he was out of jail, threw a fit and punched a wall until my knuckles bled.

  36. anon:

    I am most angry at “friends” who betrayed my trust in a way that hurt my other friend, more than when they hurt me. You have no idea what someone is going through and what effect on someone’s life words can have. Please don’t judge, especially before you’re sure you know someone’s story.

  37. Nick:

    2 weeks ago, I think.
    I was really angry about how my mom would always ask me to do this as if I’m the only one who can do it.

  38. Delilah:

    this week. some bastards from school keep tormenting my best friend

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