Question 220

Photo by: Martin Heigan

61 Responses to “Question 220”

  1. Katii:

    My horse.

  2. Emma:

    My sisters, and my other close friends

  3. Macey:

    my best friends.

  4. Vio:


  5. Sarah:


  6. June:

    I’m actually doing this, in August. I … I’m going to miss my family and friends, but mostly my family.

  7. Nick:

    Friends, family and home.

  8. legn:


  9. Julie Takase:

    I actually did it…. I miss sometimes the way i knew everything about where i lived… but im a fast learner and great at making friends.

  10. Joey:

    everyone i know

  11. Sam:

    Did it last year. Missing my family and friends, independence, belonging and nachos…mmm

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