Question 229

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  1. wish it was different:


  2. Kelson:

    My attitude/perspective.

  3. I’d like to change myself, my surroundings, my friends… but all for the better.

  4. M:


  5. my thoughts!

  6. gita:

    Many things! The mistaken notions people have. I want to change the belief that there is only ONE CORRECT answer, or ONE CORRECT way to live (screw that honestly)
    or that someone is “right” while someone else is “wrong”. That’s the cause of the world’s problems, and instead of killing myself over changing the small things that follow from that, I want to change that misconception itself! (at least in my life, by never promoting those mistaken notions)

  7. Fran:

    but ya cant

  8. Ansrew:

    Everything is as it should be.

  9. Tanya:

    I want to change from meanness/hate to kindness/love to be the ruling/most prevalent attitude by which people in the world consume the time they are made present of in this world. I want to change the fact that everytime you glance at strangers in a crowd/bar/anywhere or even at your coworkers/people u know, you approach them with suspicion/ mistrust/ expect of hostility, I want me to be able to look at anyone and feel that the default and reasonable attitude is trust and that the expected default is that they are kind/loving of attitude. Tacky as it sounds, imagine for a sec ..

  10. GreatWhiteNorth:

    I want to change my wiring so that every waking moment is not a struggle to cope. I need relief…

  11. Tiva:

    I want to change where I live so that I can be closer to him.

    As for everything and everyone else, all I can do is be kind and help one person at a time. With so much sadness and hate in the world, it really is kind of fun making people smile and giving them a reason to be happy to everyone else.

    I agree that everything is as it should be.

  12. Anne:


  13. Lacey:

    my sense of dierection

    and really anything distressing in the world.

    and people

  14. Annabelle:

    I completely agree with Tanya. There is no reason to approach life the way we do. As if we are all enemies. We are all on the same planet living different versions of the same lives, but we never look to one another for help or love. Why? I change the way we approach living.

  15. Karly:

    Everything and nothing at the same time.

  16. salvacion:

    i want to change the way i see myself.

  17. Abay:

    My weight…I just want to lose like ten pounds…that’d be great!

  18. Anonymous:

    Lose some weight, & feel better about loving him.

  19. Linde:

    I would like to change peoples atetude towards each other and life. The way we treat our earth. She,s all we have to stay on and to enjoy all God’s gifts, but we just mutelate and mistreat her, and that for money and to have a better life. What about the animals, trees, flowers that we destroy every day. We can not ever bring it back to life, no matter what. Also i would like to change the way people treat God. He is there, no matter what religion you have, at the end we all pray to one God. God is watching, and nature is retaliating towards humans for what we are doing. Look around you and get a wake up ………………………………..

  20. Anonyous:

    The education system. My shyness and incapability to talk to her. My incapacity to focus on work.

  21. MM:

    My whole life. There is so much sin in my life that is slowly busy distroying me. My soul is hurting because I know my life is a mess but I can’t seem to get myself to change. I ask God every day but still I do what I know I must not do.

  22. Justin:

    I want to change myself so I can be courageous.

  23. Sandy:

    The world, I want world peace. That sounds cheesy but it’s very true. I wish everyone would respect each other and at the same time be able to express themselves in beautiful and artistic ways.

  24. Elizabeth:

    My weight… financial situation. Two things that sound so cliche, but they are the mass of what’s weighing on my mind right now. I just want to be able to finish school without worrying if I’ll be able to pay it off years down the road, and to be healthy.

  25. Lew:

    my socks

  26. DI:

    People and their ego , uffff

  27. Sarah:

    The way people think of me.

  28. Lynton Orrett:

    my teeth

  29. Christy:

    Society and the universe

  30. L:

    my family and myself

  31. Amanda:

    Society. People.

  32. Emma:

    where I am living

  33. Macey:

    myself. all the time. (especially my fear of getting hurt…)

  34. Kate:

    I wish I had told him I loved him before he moved out of my life.

  35. Nick:

    My bad habits.
    My attitude.
    My self-esteem.
    My view on some things.

  36. Daniel:

    I applaud those who said (basically) “nothing”, hopefully you’ve realized how perfect things are in this world with the way you are or you realized that you can’t change the past because you can’t change what’s already been done, but I digress; I am one of those who chooses not to change anything.

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