Question 230

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  1. How many do I not love?:

    Agape love.

  2. Jay:

    Closely, 144, otherwise, 6.5 bil. Realistically not the whole 6.+

  3. Justin:

    I love everyone who has ever touched me in any way no matter if it is a good way or a bad way. No matter if it is for a short time or forever. They all leave behind something in my heart and something for me to learn and for that, I love them all and thanked them all for what they did to or for me.

  4. m:

    minus one.

  5. m:

    (Enter the population of all life forms on planet earth here) minus one.*

  6. St33n:

    Like what Justin said. I love everyone who have impacted me in such a way, whether it be bad or good. I may have this ‘hatred’ towards the person who has done wrong, but it is people like them that remind me that there is bad, so there is good. I learn from the bad, even if it hurts. And for all the good people that have touched me in some way, whether it was for a short period of time, or for all my life, I love them.

    Too bad none of them know it…

  7. Conor:

    Romantically; 1 fully right now, 1 dormantly – the love I felt wont ever be gone completely.
    As friends; 1 really true friend, 3 very good friends, maybe 10 or so people I feel close enough to to say I love them as friends.
    Family; I have a huge extended family and I love them, so about 25.
    Myself, not in a conceited way, but I love what I have been given and what I am.
    So by my count, that’s about 41, give or take a few.

  8. Anne:

    about a third of my facebook friends

  9. Lacey:

    a lot.

  10. Tara:

    not enough.

  11. Karly:

    I cannot even count. I love my friends and family, but I also have a different king of love for the man falling asleep holding a sign that said “I am homeless.” and all the people like him whom I have seen or heard of. I love people I have not met yet and I love people who are in need of love, even though they don’t know it. I just love to love people, because I know that it is good to be loved.

  12. salvacion:

    i dont know how many…all i know is that i love them and i love alot! i dont care if they dont love me back anymore…the important thing is i love them, its enough:)

  13. Abay:

    everyone!!!! Love the pic btw!

  14. Tiva:

    It’s not right to put a number on how many people I love. There are many in my life who I love, but I have to remember all those that are not in my life yet that I will love in the future, so why not consider now that I love them.

  15. Anonymous:

    Three people. 🙂

  16. Anonymous:

    I love my family and friends and estimated that would come to 60-70 people. I love people when I see them doing good things, or just struggling to do something. It shows that we all have a story and no one should judge.

  17. anon:


  18. Linde:

    As Jesus wants us all to do, i love all the people in all walks of life.

  19. Anonymous:

    Too Many.

  20. Anonymous:


  21. Amanda:

    Too many to count.

  22. Katii:

    I love the world.

  23. Emma:


  24. Nick:

    Too many to count. 😀

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