Question 232

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  1. Linde:

    Life on the farm as a kid

  2. One day, I shaved my hair to bald(always wanted to try that hairstyle once in my life^^) and went out with a hat covering myself totally for I was feeling a little uncomfortable with the “new coolness” from it 😉 Then 5 min later I took off my hat and decided to “just be myself” there and kept walking. To my surprise I found people were hardly actually staring at me as I so firmly believed before, they were just busy with their own life, didn’t care much about a bald weired girl marching in the street with bunch of weired worries in her head 😉 From then I learnt I don’t need to always “think too much”, I can always just live my life as boldly and truly as I can 😉

  3. christy:
  4. A Dreamer:

    How my internet best friend, from 282 miles away, convinced me from convincing suicide last summer.. her compassion is one of the few things that get me through the day.. : )

  5. JP:

    The day I saved two little kids from drowning in the ocean all by myself. I was simply surfing in the right place at the right time when they got caught by a wicked undertow.

  6. Anne:

    I like telling little funny anecdotes everyday. If my friend does something funny, I’ll normally tell my mom or sister, just to have someone to tell.

  7. m:

    How she saved my life that night.

  8. Tiva:

    I started smoking because of a guy. Smoked 7 years. Then with the threat of emphysima, I quit. That was 3 years ago. Now no sign of cough or wheezing and not a cigarette since! I did it all for me! 🙂

  9. J:

    How I got a moon-shaped scar on my wrist.

  10. Lili:

    How i met my bestfriend, how he left everything to live in Mexico. And how we never spoke again, but I still think about him every single day of my life. I live in Belgium.

  11. julie.:

    all the fun times with my family when i was little.
    i miss my great grandma 🙁

  12. Katie:

    How have a child known as ‘disabled’ has been an incredible blessing to me.

  13. Sara:

    How I overcame anorexia, and how I am still struggling with my weight because I think I’m too heavy now, but at least I am not dying anymore.

  14. Garrett:

    I’ve got two: how joining choir saved my life, and how I missed 9 weeks of senior year of high school (6 of them consecutive) and still graduated with honors.

  15. shery:

    i also have two: how my husband and i met, which could only be described as fate 🙂
    and my crazy whirlwind of being sexually assaulted, pressing charges, battling severe depression, finding god again, getting better, and becoming an advocate for abused women.

  16. Amanda:

    How my boyfriend and I met

  17. Emma:

    How my sisters and I all met and every up and down we’ve gone through

  18. Nick:

    How loyal I am to my alma mater.
    How I got my facial scar.
    How complicated my lovelife is right now.

  19. Daniel:

    My high-adventures in the Scouts! Anything from almost getting struck by lightning to The Giant Purple Ape Story.

  20. Ara:

    The night my fiancee took me out on a picnic in the back of his truck, in the middle of the night. he even had a candle and everything. it was so amazing, and the perfect way to end a week that had been horrible to me.

  21. PufferFish:

    During my driving exam, the other girl in the car was driving. She put on her signal, did a right turn properly, when suddenly this guy roars up next to us and rolls down his windows. He says, “Miss! You didn’t use your signal! I thought you should know, cause I saw the yellow thingy on the roof and I know you’re a student driver! Be more aware next time, you might do something dangerously stupid if you’re not careful!”
    After which he promptly put his cell phone back to his ear, rolled up his windows, and sped off at about 50mph down a 25mph road.

  22. Julie Takase:

    ending up with the one that got away.

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