Question 240

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  1. J:

    My mom

  2. Myself…
    I always needed me to be strong again to pull myself altogether 🙂

  3. Ella:

    my loved ones 🙂

  4. Laura:

    I don’t really know. It used to be my best friend, but she doesn’t talk to me anymore..

    I guess it’s always been me. I’ve gotten myself through everything

  5. Carol:

    My best friend. She has been there through all of my ups and downs, and I hope she will always be there.

  6. me:


  7. Jay:

    God my friends and family.

  8. futureMD:

    God. and my parents.

  9. My friends, whether near or far.

  10. Jason:

    My few true friends, they’ve been amazing over the years. My mum, however horrible I’ve been and however hard I’ve pushed she’s always been there.

    I’m truly grateful

  11. maria:

    god & my family!

  12. Sarah:

    my best friend…she deserves more.

  13. Tiva:

    I have always been there for me.
    God has always been there for me too. I know he knows more about me and the situations than I do; whether he be an all-knowing being or my higher self, God has always been there. I know I can say a prayer when I feel like giving up and somehow I feel connected and part of something big again. Sometimes I even forget to pray, but no matter, he is still there to look out for me and watch over me! Amazingly wonderful to know this, or feel it anyways!

  14. Anonymous:

    God and my twin sister.

  15. Richard:

    God. Always and forever.

  16. Johnathan:

    My Mum, close friends, along with God and the Angels

  17. Conor:

    Anybody who has been willing to listen and talk to me about my problems. There’s been quite a few of them and I appreciate it every time. When nobody’s around, I rely on myself to get through, but it’s much easier to have an outlet I can use. I’d repay the favour every time.
    I find it kind of sad that most people answered ‘myself’ or ‘god’. I think people are a lot more willing to help those in need than they appear, and perhaps people wrongly feel they have nobody they can turn to.

  18. DI:

    God and myself , my best friend

  19. sarah:

    my sister, Anna

  20. Abay:

    my mom , dad, sisters, Grandparents- all 4 of them.

  21. Abay:

    oh yes, God

  22. Positive Pamela:

    My little sister who is 5 years younger than I am. She has listened, advised, consoled and cried with me over every important event in my life–both good and bad. She is always there and not only is she my sister, but she’s also my best friend. I love her beyond words and hope that we will always have one another to turn to throughout all of life’s twists and turns.

  23. Nobody, I guess:

    Certainly not myself, but yet I’m still here. SO some sort of higher power perhaps.

  24. Lacey:

    my family

  25. Jaequi:

    My family & friends. Especially my BFF Rockstar 🙂

  26. Ye:

    My pets are the only ones who were there consistently through my long and hard battle with depression and anxiety. Now they are gone, and I have to go from here on alone.

  27. Fran:

    my mom and my sister

  28. arbi:

    My parents, my two brothers and my sister.

  29. If she had a name, it would be “desire”…. But, then again, not sure she is a “she”… Let’s just stick with “deisre”…. Desire for all that is!

  30. Jordan:

    My mom, Ursula. She has the most amazing advice, and has never given up on me no matter what. I love her more than anything.

  31. me:


  32. Mathpoet:

    I have.

  33. Lynton Orrett:


  34. Erin:

    My mom. No matter how mad I get at her or how many times I tell her I hate her and to leave me alone, she always comes back. She has always been there for me.

  35. Evan:

    My best friend. He doesn’t know how much he has helped me. He doesn’t know that he’s the only reason I pulled through. He doesn’t know how much I love him.

    But I’m slowly losing him.

    I can’t do it alone…

  36. Annie:

    God. My best friend of 11 years.

  37. Lulu:

    My parents. Even when we didn’t get along.

  38. Samantha:

    my grammie and grampa were the first, then along came casey who gave me a whole new kind of support, love, and help, and then came harold who showed me how to smile again. Casey and Harold are my two best friends. these for people are my family, them may not be all biological family but that doesnt make them any less family.

  39. Sarah:

    God has gotten me through everything.

  40. Amanda:

    This one’s easy. My mother.

  41. Emma:

    My three sisters, though two of them are distanced from me.

  42. nocturnesthesia:

    My cat… She doesn’t care if my rent is late or I’m too tired to keep up with chores like I should, as long as I feed and brush her all is right with the world.

  43. Amanda:

    My family.

  44. Lauren:


  45. Jade:

    My mom, my best friend Emily Yerves, and my aunt.

  46. Louise:

    Myself, and my two sisters and brother.

  47. Nick:

    God, my family and friends.

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