Question 243

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  1. Justin:

    In a way, we are all mentors because we all learn something from each other in our lives but my mentor is my mom. She taught me how to never give up no matter what.

  2. Raven:

    My teacher and robotics coach. He taught me as much about math and robotics as he did about life.

  3. me:

    myself. so much

  4. rogelio rosas cavina:

    Enrique bunbury. None of them idiots will make you happy as me. But if you are happy i will accept it just because i love you.

  5. m:

    My high-school creative writing teacher.
    She taught me that life is worth living, and that love is worth giving.

  6. Jay:

    God, All my teachers, and my aunts, my parents, my love, and my self.

  7. Matt:

    Ricky Martin. And in every way imaginable.

  8. Ael:

    My aunt. She taught me that people CAN look past what they’re “supposed” to believe, and do what they think is right. My exboyfriend taught me that sometimes, you think you’re in love, and that person can hurt you. My mother. She taught me that words can kill you.

  9. Lacey:

    my dad. to be who I am.

  10. Lynton Orrett:

    Aunt Mary – the woman who looked after me. She taught me that life was about your vocation.

  11. Spencer:

    My old French/History teacher who passed away only a few short years ago. She taught everyone to love, live and that being passionate about your interests was the essence of life. And no matter who you were, young or old, smart or dumb, she would encourage and believe in you. She gave chances and brought upon so much happiness, I simply regret that I didn’t thank her the last time I saw her.

  12. A Dreamer:

    My math teacher, my piano teacher, and my celebrity role model. They all taught me to never give up and that I could do anything if I set my mind to it. They gave me hope when no one else would. 🙂

  13. I wish I’d choosen more people in my ealier life to be mentor’s. I have this kind of “I can figure it out myself” attitude – which usually I can. BUT, if I’d taken some mentoring more often, I’d be so much further along…. Biggest one for a while was a man named Paul. The lesson he taught me that stuck the most is “Power Flows Where Your Attention Goes….”

  14. I am inspired by many authors and in real life, one of my mentors is Peggy.

    P said to me, when you start to know a person always believe he/she is a great character, no matter how many times you got dissapointed by people before 🙂

    I am trying my best to follow her words in life~

  15. Evan:

    My best friend. That it’s okay to be gay.

  16. alexis:

    My mom and dad. They have learned me to be myself and be happy. They have always helped me when i am down.

  17. Justen:

    the only person In my family that I ever connected with my cousin kate. she taught me that our social diseases are no reason to be ashamed because they provide us with that look in our eyes that my friends always say they with they had simply because it tells them there is something going on in my head even when no one has said a word for half an hour. people think I’m anti social and can’t function in a normal situation, all that I want is to find the words that you put into my head

  18. Niki:

    My ap biology teacher. She taught me that growing up means standing up for yourself and believing in yourself. It’s thanks to her that I will become my own person and not rely on the opinions of others.

  19. Macey:

    my mom. i think without her “grounding advice” i would’ve done a lot of stupid things.

  20. My theatre professor.

    He taught me that even in difficulties (Bad directors) you can find a silver lining. Each difficulty is an opportunity to learn to adapt, re-use and revamp. You can always make something from nothing if you can envision it. If you can see it, you can take it, and you can make it your own.

  21. Nick:

    Jesus. I learned that no matter how grave my sins are, He will always welcome me with open arms and forgive me.

  22. Tara:

    My mom. I have learned nearly everything that I know from her. However, the one thing I have learned that has had the most impact upon me is how to fake a semi-smile through the days and get by with what you have to deal with until I can make it on my own.

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