Question 247

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  1. Depends on that hour’s mood I might do journaling/showering/exercising/working on my website/laundrying/reading or other stuff I happened to like to do at that time 😉

  2. Swish:

    Waste it.

  3. Anne:

    worry. :[

  4. Emmy:

    Dyaydreaming about all the wonderful things that will happen to me when I start focusing and practicing…and then before I know it, the hour’s gone, and I’m no closer to the things I just dreamt so vividly. At first response I wasn’t going to answer this completely honestly, but this pattern NEEDS to change.

  5. Blink:

    Nothing. I have very little free time around work, college and assignments so when I get free time, yes I do waste it.

  6. Tara:

    knit, read, workout…my free time is pretty regimented. I can’t remember the last time I sat around and did nothing.

  7. Conor:

    Sadly, it usually gets wasted.
    I sometimes do some work, or get some jobs done that are on my ‘To Do’ list.

  8. Anotherperson:

    Think about what I’m going to do in it.

  9. Tiva:

    I watch one of the shows from my dvr. First choice is always tv, second choice is see what everyone’s talking about online.

  10. DI:

    usually i waste it , something i am not proud of it

  11. Abay:

    anything and everything, sometimes I productive, sometimes I just surf the internet and answer thoght questions… its a good life.

  12. Vio:

    thinking about not wasting it…

  13. Fail my classes in it:

    waste it.

  14. Heather:

    See my boyfriend. Our mutual free time is very rare…so I take advantage of it.

  15. alexis:

    Watching DVDs or just being on the internet

  16. Erin:

    Sleep, draw, dream, play basketball, or talk to my friends.

  17. Writing or relaxing in my hammoc, or both – actually, most of the time it’s both 🙂

  18. Usually blog hopping, as I am trying to build a presence online for by new blog, however, I do love to just sit outside. If it works out right, I may also go for a quick paddle in my kayak on our little local lake. 🙂

  19. Amanda:

    Waste time on the computer.

  20. Ian:

    ‘Waste’ it.

    “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” At least thats what I tell myself!

  21. Cleverly Named Gal:


  22. Losh:

    I usually don’t have that much free time in the day but at night I spend it on stumbleupon!

    In e day, if I ever have an hour free, I’d try my best to multitask and do as many things at one go. Whether I finish all or not, I would feel very proud of myself that I tried.

  23. Max Power:

    jerk it to asian porn

  24. nocturnesthesia:

    nap, or cook something decent. Usually nap though.

  25. Dani:

    waste it

  26. Nick:

    Listen to music, chat with people and Facebook.

  27. Phunk:

    Make love to my gorgeous wife!!

  28. Julie Takase:


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