Question 249

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25 Responses to “Question 249”

  1. Anonymous:

    I would step out of my comfort zone and do what I fear to do.

  2. Jay:

    I would listen more and texted her before I got there

  3. 9revs:

    i would have gotten up on time and made it to class, instead of continually pressing snooze and deliberately sleeping in

  4. rix:

    I would have start working on my resume and look for a real job.

  5. I would of figured out what’s causing my current episode of depression and find out how to get over it.

  6. Conor:

    I would have arrived on time to my first lecture. Other than that, there’s not a lot I’d do differently.

  7. Tiva:

    I would have actually told my mom how I felt she was ignoring the things I was trying to tell her, that I wish she would have thanked me for cleaning the tray in the microwave…something she complained about a few days ago, and I just got around to actually doing it. She didn’t thank me for doing it, she only complained. When I told her something important happened to me, she interrupted and told me about something that was important in her life, and completely ignored what I said. I just dropped the whole thing…that’s how she is, how she’s always been. Instead of telling her, I wrote it all in my journal. I would have made more progress, I feel, if I would have told her.

  8. Justin:

    Funny, I wouldn’t change yesterday for anything. It was a good day and an awesome night.

  9. alexis:

    I would have ran another couple of miles. It was a good day so I dont want to change anything.

  10. Waiting for the tomorrow:

    IJ would have prepared for today better.

  11. -:

    I would have taken him seriously

  12. Sarah:

    My boyfriend told me he loved me for the first time yesterday. I was too scared to say it back because I’m afraid of getting hurt if I put all of my trust and love into one person. If I could relive yesterday, I’d say ‘I love you’.

  13. Nothing!

  14. Maddy:

    I would not have slept with him.

  15. A Dreamer:

    To apologize to my parents for telling them that they embarrass me. I shouldn’t care what people think. Stupid society.

  16. Me:

    I wouldn’t have told him I still love him.
    Because today he asked me to sleep with him.
    Despite his girlfriend.

    I said no.
    It hurt.

  17. HeartFeltHigh:

    I would’ve thrown the drugs away before I took them.

  18. L:

    I would have figured it out on my own instead of bothering someone else.

  19. Amanda:

    Told my “friend” I am sick of her only calling me when she needs something.

  20. Kat:

    I would have finished High school the first time around..

  21. Andrea:

    I would have spent even more time laughing than I already have.

    I also would have spent more time enjoying his company because he’s leaving again soon. He’s one of the few people who have made me feel special and he doesn’t even know

  22. dani:

    i would hug her and tell her “i love you.” and wish she wouldnt leave me for her.

  23. Vio:

    I wouldn’t have fought with him

  24. Nick:

    I would’ve not done it and could’ve exercise.

  25. Joey:

    i would have told her i love her

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