Question 256

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  1. PS:

    That there’s no point in putting off things. I did something yesterday that’ll help a lot of people in my city. Feels good to be a part of something big.

  2. Zsófi:

    Yesterday life taught me, that if you want to get a ticket for the theater, you should be there 10 minutes before, not ten minutes late. 🙂 And what it also taught me, not only yesterday, but in the last few weeks, that life is not the loneliness i’ve imagined. It’s much more.

  3. Jay:

    That rather than try to be a certain kind of person I think is cool, I should just accept my own and be myself.

  4. That fighting against what I do not want in life only steals away the energy I should use to fight for the greatness I want!

  5. Anne:

    That I should get new friends.

  6. Gonna need more than just yesterday:

    That I am fed up with these acts that I put on for EVERYONE and that I am sick of being who I think I SHOULD be instead of who I am.

  7. easy74:

    That it is ok to be in a bad mood sometimes. Especially if you are even more happy afterwards, because despite beeing nasty to my boyfriend, he showed me how much he cares for me.

  8. Life taught me to be happy for all the tiny things in life that bring me that child-like joy that I had lost through “maturing”. Like driving through snow-covered mountains and exploding in utter laughter.

  9. Some Girl:

    That when you fall in love with your best friend, you shouldn’t tell him. Nothing hurts more than his not feeling the same way.

  10. alexis:

    That I need to start organizing my life. And to stop PROCASTINATE!!

  11. Me:

    That I need to go to bed MUCH earlier when I have to work the next day. DO NOT listen to iPod thinking that, “I will only listen to a few songs”…

  12. Justin:

    That finding out friends gave you some kind of bless when they knows you more than you know yourself

  13. Rose:

    That we really only have this day, and we aren’t guaranteed all of it. Life turns on a dime.Take nothing for granted.

  14. Sarah:

    Cherish every moment because life’s too short for regrets.

  15. Anne:

    Today? I don’t know, but i feel like I’ll learn some huge lesson from this mistake.

  16. Siv:

    that honesty is always best.

  17. JJ:

    That no matter how bad of day it has been, the prospect of tomorrow is enough to get through

  18. Tori:

    Thaat I would rather just stay friends with a person I love than not have them in my life at all.

  19. Morgan:

    That a simple smile and kind word from a stranger can brighten your day in unexpected ways:)

  20. PS:

    That sometimes, you’ll have to fight for what you want.
    And that no one else will believe in you more than you.

  21. Emma:

    Life taught me that even if you think some one is your friend they will turn on you. Even if you think everything is hunky-dory it’s not. And it taught me that the only thing I have control of is me and from now on that’s all I need to care about.

  22. hey yo:

    Not to have someone else text for me…I can do it myself, and I can totally do it better. Funny story.

  23. anonymous:

    People will let me down, and I cannot do anything about it. But that is okay, because I needed to realize that I let people down too.

  24. Cassandra:

    Yesterday taught me that saying 2 simple words to someone can have such a huge impact on both of your lives.

    To the 150 Canadian soldiers coming home tonight: thank you.

  25. Tor Eirik:

    You can’t beat beer after 40, It beats you. Hard.

  26. Raine:

    For one; you don’t need to put up with the crap people put you through, just because of your past frienships. You can let go and you’ll be okay.

    For two; just because something isn’t working the way you want it to doesn’t mean that you can give up, you have to keep going.

  27. Mel:

    Sometimes the end of an era, although sad, marks the beginning of another. Not all great things in life can happen at the same time.

  28. Debbie:

    Don’t know what it meant on 20/11/2010, but I shure do hope you will know soon lief.

  29. Li:

    Not to get upset over the small stuff,because it’s not worth losing someone.
    & to cheris the time you have,then and not count on it to be there later.
    Also,to try harder when the opportunity is infront of you.

  30. makena:

    to love with all my heart

  31. Megan:

    Don’t eat that much pie!

  32. Chris:

    Can’t smoke chocolate.

  33. White:

    to never go back to a bad ex…

  34. dani:

    that when something major happens things just cant ever go back to the way they were.

  35. Amanda:

    that i deserve someone that treats me with respect and kindness and genuinely cares about me and wants me. and that i shouldn’t be fooled into wanting someone that is a complete jerk and doesn’t think twice about whether he’s hurting me or not.

  36. Dani:

    That the world has the kinds of people you wished it did if you only go out to meet them, and that they aren’t at the conventional socializing places

  37. Jade:

    I didn’t experience life yesterday. I stayed in bed all day.

  38. Anonymous10:

    That the body needs proper rest to function well.

  39. Nick:

    I need to sacrifice more this Holy Week and not give in to temptations easily.

  40. Richard:

    That nothing is forever..

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