Question 261

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  1. Still Looking...:


  2. Some Girl:

    The ability to make me feel safe/protected.

  3. Janie:

    Maturity and honesty. Have those two things and you’re well on your way to winning my heart.

  4. craig:

    The person needs to be unpretensious

  5. m:

    There isn’t a single quality.

    I just look for the girl who I think I can give the most love to.

  6. Jess:


  7. Rachel:

    Wow… my first thought was honesty/integrity, and I see that’s high on the list here. Also intelligence, humor, and kindness. I won the lottery and found them all in one package.

  8. Wes:

    Kindness, bar none. I have had a string of bad relationships, and it was the missing part in all of my significant others.

  9. Sophia:

    That I can trust the person. But there is a lot of other things too.

  10. Sarah:

    Sincerity and trustworthiness.

  11. maria:

    religiousness & passion for life!

  12. tash:


  13. bapsi:

    making me feel at home just because im with her.

  14. Swish:

    I don’t need to look anymore 🙂

  15. Anne:

    Honestly and truly cares about me. I’ve been through some terrible relationships. Most of them ending when I realized the guy was just using me.

  16. Anonymous:


  17. Strength. Physical *and* emotional.

  18. Sandy:


  19. scared...:

    the ability to understand, listen, care, love…someone i generally get along with and just be myself with…someone who doesn’t hold my mistakes against me and loves me for everything that i am and doesn’t try to change me. he doesn’t have to be perfect….. he just has to accept me for my unperfectness and i’ll accept him for his…someone who would choose to stay with me no matter what

  20. Justin:

    Someone who will stay with me forever

  21. hey yo:

    cool as hell

  22. HKT:

    A man of God

  23. Laura:

    Someone who makes me smile, who I feel comfortable around. Who understands when I’m being sarcastic and can joke back.

  24. lauren:

    kindness, and how he treats others around him. both friends and acquaintances.
    and someone that is genuine.

  25. Blink:

    Genuine sincerety on all levels.

  26. arbi:


  27. Li:

    Trustworthy & honest,they just kind of go hand in hand. Also,someone who is respectful,kind,caring,gentle,passionate.can make me laugh/smile & sticks by me no matter what. I found someone,he’s not perfect but he’s perfect for me.

  28. Amanda:


  29. Rebecca:

    The will to put up with all my quirks and occasional bad moods.

  30. Theo:


  31. giovanna:

    He must live life wholeheartedly and intensely, so that when I meet him, I will know that I will either have his complete heart and spirit, or none of him at all. I want someone who puts passion into everything he does, and never settles.

  32. White:

    I used to say a man of god but ive been torn by that person…so honesty, someone who will communicate, and someone as passionate for love as me (not sex)

  33. Katie:

    What’s most important is that he’s always interesting. He has independent interests so that I can always learn something new.

  34. skyetay:

    An individual. There is no one quality, it’s the combintation of everything; seen and not seen that makes someone beautiful.

  35. David:

    Someone who isn’t going to alienate me from my friends and leave lasting physical and emotional damage.

  36. Naomi:


  37. Macey:


  38. Jgs:

    Trustworthiness, and someone who makes me feel loved. It’s about tied.

  39. Teresa:

    Love and laughter.

  40. Kate:

    This sounds corny, but someone who makes me laugh.

  41. bfm:

    The ability to make me smile; ever time I hear her voice, every time I see her and every time I think about her

  42. water:


  43. Jade:

    For them to make me smile my real smile. For me to trust them and for them to make me feel safe.

  44. Jomz:

    Simplicity and Honesty.

  45. Lauren:

    Humility… when it exists in a person, kindness is usually present as well.

  46. purple-elephant:

    humor C:

  47. Julie Takase:

    kindness and humility.

  48. hexmage:

    Sadly of all things I look for, I look for them to be damaged in some way first.

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